A Little Somethin’ Sunday #29

Happy first day of Spring!

Mother Nature is giving New England a giant middle finger with the threat of a nor’easter today into Monday. Eff you too Mother Nature.

So let’s pull the blinds down low, make an extra pot of coffee, and get lost in this week’s best reads!


A little something Sunday

Daily Quote:

dont believe everything quote

from Pinterest 

Your brain can be one of the biggest con artists some days, and it’s your hearts job to be able to weed out the bad thoughts and set fire to the ones that lift you up.

Music of the Moment:

“Prison Cells” – Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds


After seeing them in concert last week, I haven’t been able to stop listening to every single track. This has easily become one of my favorites.


Link Love


Green Smoothie Vegan French ToastDiary of an Ex-Sloth

When you want to indulge in Sunday brunch, but you’re still trying to up your veggie game. Opposites attract. 😉

Shepherd’s Pie Potato SkinsThe Spiffy Cookie

I don’t care if St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, you need to make these…specifically for me.

One Pot Chicken Cabbage Bowl with Sesame Ginger BrothPeanut Butter Fingers

I want to swim in a pool of sesame ginger broth..or at least swan dive my face into a giant bowl of this for dinner.



What Happened When I Stopped Exercising For a MonthThe Healthy Maven

It’s important to take a step back and do what you and your body enjoy. Dragging yourself to the gym and dreading it may be worse than sitting down and enjoying a good book.

Hey Advertisers, Women Like ‘Full Fat’ Foods TooHuffington Post

And we wonder why women have such body image issues. Even the string cheese is giving girls the wrong message.

What an RDN Wants You To KnowFood & Nutrition

YASSS. All I have to say is We. Are. Human. Too. Just let that sink in for a little bit now…

How To Love Yourself Even When You Don’t Like What You SeePurely Twins

It’s all too easy to get down on yourself and hate the way you look or feel at the moment, but accepting you for all that you are NOW can actually help get you to the place you really want to be.


Why Every Blogger Needs a Community (and how to build one)Bloggers Gonna Blog

Behind every good blog is A-team of supporters and friends. Blogging is all about the community, what kind are you making with your corner of the web?

How to Recycle Your Old Blog ContentThe SITS Girls

You worked hard to make that great content, so make it work for you! Here’s how to revive your past posts and bring more traffic to your blog.

3 Google Analytics Reports that Can Help You Grow Your BlogSocially Captivating

I hope that as of now you have google analytics installed for your blog, and if not get up on that. Then you can find out what all the hoopla actually means, and how it can bring you more traffic.


From the Blog:

The Ultimate Quick & Easy Salmon Patty Recipe

WIAW: All the Dranks


Time Hop:

This time 6 months  ago I …


..was filled with so much blogging love in Vermont at Blog Brulee. Take me back!!


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