Jump Around: A Lower Body Circuit


Howdy friends! And happy Wednesday to you. Can you believe that yesterday it was 55 degrees and now there is a threat of a foot of snow tonight?! I can. It’s New England. I should come to expect this kind of teasing by now.



All this Spring fever has got me craving lots of fresh salads. Just kidding, I eat salads in some way/shape/form almost every day of my life, but the warmer weather just makes them taste better. MJ even made me this beautious salad when I got home from work too. It looked a lot more appealing than the usual clump of spinach, cottage cheese, and salsa I call dinner most nights.



Then I put myself through quite the workout. I am taking a break from the Insanity workout while my leg heals, so I decided to make up my own workout routine for a change. I am always a big fan of circuit workouts and this one was focused on the southern hemisphere of the body.


I guess I couldn’t get too far away from the Insanity since a lot of the moves were inspired by the ones I am used to doing with Mr. Shaun T. Let me tell you that back to back squat and frog jumps makes running up hills look appealing. This 25 minute lower body workout was just what I needed to wake me up right after a afternoon nap. Because those have become a staple after waking up at 5 am every morning. Here’s the low down on this lower body circuit:


I call this the Jump Around circuit from all the squat jumps and frog jumps that left me cursing amphibians for making this ish look easy. Never heard of a frog jump? Check this torture out here!

I even snuck in my #plankaday at the end and alternated between an elbow plank, fully extended plank, and side plank pulses for each circuit. In just 25 minutes, I was sweating as much as I did with Insanity. Who says you need a big buff half naked man to make you sweat during a workout? Just ask a twenty something blonde carrot obsessed gal. Oh, hey that’s me!


Make it a great day!

Do you eat salads in the Winter?

Have you ever tried frog legs?

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