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Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Sinful house! I know it’s hard to believe seeing how sophisticated and mature I am, but I used to watch the Disney show “Bear in the Big Blue House” ….in High School.

My friend and I were obsessed with the blue mouse named Tutter which is really the only reason we watched it. Sure, there was a singing moon, twin otters, and a story-telling shadow, but all poppycock against Tutter. I mean come on, look at that face. What’s not to love?!



Yesterday I started my morning with one of the last  Chobani Flips I had yet to try Blueberry Power, which was blueberry yogurt with chia seeds, hemp seeds, and walnuts. A close second to the Almond Loco on account of getting chia seeds stuck in my teeth. Can I get an Amen it wasn’t picture day?!




And then I ended it with the hardest workout of my life. I can honestly say Insanity lives up to it’s name. Not only did Papa John and I bust our tails during the Fit Test (which I creamed all my previous records I might add. Wa-bam!), but then we had to do our ACTUAL workout for another hour.

So yes an hour and a half of pure chaos leaving me with nothing but a death wish and a soaked t-shirt. And yet I still come back for more. Masochistic? Nah, just legally insane. My turtle face and glistening chest don’t give this workout enough justice.


Want to know another reason why I come back for more? Well I have to live up to my new title as an IDEA Inspired blogger!



After I found out this weekend I couldn’t wait to share the wonderful news, but thought Wednesday would be the best time for my ‘workout wednesday’ inspired posts. I guess good patience is in my sweat…er I mean blood.


IDEA is one of the leading health & fitness organizations connecting fitness professionals in over 80 countries. They not only serve as a network to connect other professionals and people looking for a trainer in their area, but they also offer ways to continue your education about health and fitness and host a variety of conferences as well.



Now while I may be a Dietitian and not exactly a “fitness” professional, IDEA definitely matches my outlook and lifestyle around health and fitness. Here’s a breakdown of what IDEA actually stands for.


Inspired service- Going above and beyond what is expected to every single person involved or interested in IDEA.

Do the right thing- Honesty & integrity inside and out of the work environment.

Exercise your happiness- Living a balanced lifestyle at home and at work. “Being the change” as a positive role model to “inspire the world to fitness”

Appreciate everyone- Respect and honor, and never talk negatively about anyone. Look for people’s strengths rather than focusing on their weaknesses.


I’d say that fits into what I value in life. Thinking positively. Leading by example. And appreciating the people in my life. Fitness has become such a regular part of who I am that I can’t think of a life without it. I love the quote I heard from a speaker at the NHDA conference I went to this fall

“Make fitness a have to, not a should have.”

We tend to get focused on the things we “have” to do and then say “I should have exercised today.” Once you take on the mindset that exercise is a have to, it won’t feel like a chore. But something you look forward to.






Another reason I’m excited about becoming an IDEA Inspired blogger is because I am looking to becoming a certified personal trainer somewhere down the road.

Since both fitness and nutrition are such integral parts of who I am, why not share both loves with the world! Then I can pretty much be a self sufficient wellness center. We’ll go out for a tasty lunch of salads, a bushel of apples, and carrots with peanut butter…right after I make you run to the nearest Dunkies to get me a coffee. Ha, I would NEVER do that…


Thank you IDEA!

Have you ever thought of becoming a personal trainer?

Where do you workout? (At a gym, home, outside, in a jail cell..)

*Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for this post, but rather am just excited to be part of a great fitness network. As always, all thoughts, opinions, and giddy is my own.

8 thoughts on “I have an IDEA. (inspired blogger)

  1. Jail Cell?! Bahahaha. I’m mainly working out at the yoga studio right now. And the occasional walk. Congratulations with IDEA you seem like a great fit! I’m not sure if I’ll get my personal training certificate, i’ll see where life takes me. I’m sure I’ll get certified in something else at some point. The only thing I see being profitable is getting a prenatal yoga certification.

    • Hey, I like to include all walks of life on the blog..even if that’s spent behind bars which I’m sure has the worst wifi EVER. ; )

      Well you already are an AMAZING yoga instructor so I know you would be great! Prenatal yoga sounds so interesting. I’d be scared someone would pop a baby out in my class, haha!

  2. My job takes me to a jail sometimes and I often have to spend a significant amount of time waiting in a little conference room. I used to take the opportunity to sneak in a few yoga poses (all standing- warrior, tree etc) until one day one of the guards commented on it and I remembered THOSE ROOMS ARE UNDER CONSTANT VIDEO SURVELLIENCE. Egads.

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