Grocery Haul: The Cost of Eating Organic


Happy first Monday of the Summer! Maybe just mayyybe Mondays get a little easier when the sun is shining on my way to work. But don’t get any crazy ideas that I actually like Mondays or anything.


This weekend was pretty low-key with lots of writing projects to be worked on and sunshine to be enjoyed. I did get a start on my wardrobe for 4th which will be spent down in Tennessee for a “North vs South” themed party.





I’ll be reppin’ the New England roots but may have to give props to my Southern transplant roots. Plus it gives me a reason to finally put this gem to use.




So I have TWO new things to share with you today. For a Monday that is two more things than I typically have done before 9 am.


Because I’m one for experiments I wanted to put my food budget to the test. After landing a real person job, I didn’t pay as much attention to how much I was spending on groceries, but still hunted for the best bargains. I’ll be honest and say that I paid no mind to organic food unless that was really the only option available (enter unsweetened soy milk).


If I had the choice, I would buy locally and use what was in season to revolve my meals around what I found at the local farmer’s market that week. Except the closest farmers market is about half an hour away from where I live, and the “local farms” around my parts sell a mix of both local and conventional produce making it easier to find tofu at a steakhouse than local  and in season foods.

So I wanted to experiment and see just how much it costs to eat organic. Just the word alone makes my eyes roll back with dollar signs, picturing one puny carrot for the price of my usual 5 lb load.





How Much Does It Cost to Eat Organic-

I knew my best bet would be to hit up Trader Joe’s since Whole Foods won’t be in our parts until next month (oh, hot foods bar here I come) since they tend to have the biggest variety and best prices. Here is what  I came home with:




Now a few of the items I picked up at Market Basket since TJ’s didn’t have them, and a few are not organic which I’ll divulge into a bit later. Here’s a breakdown of the cost of eating organically for one-semi-vegetarian-health-nut- RD-single-white-female. AKA Me.



-Chopped Kale $2.29

– Bag of 4 Avocados $4.29

-Frozen corn $1.79

-Spring Mix with Herbs (Market Basket) $2.50

-Broccoli (not organic) $4.65

-Raspberries (not organic) $1.69 -with $3.00 coupon

-Cabbage (not organic) $1.65



-Free Range Eggs $2.99

-Plain Kefir $2.99

-Tempeh $1.99

-Stonyfield Squeezers (because I’m really 9 years old) $2.69 -with $.50 coupon

-Crumbled Feta (not organic) $3.99



-Black Beans $1.19

-Chickpeas $1.19

-Coconut Flour (impulse buy) $2.99

-Canned Wild Salmon $2.49


Total Spent: $40.54



I have to say I don’t think that is too bad. Granted all of this fit in 2 reusable grocery bags, but with a list in hand of what I needed for meals/recipe prep that was all I needed.


Which brings me to  the second half of this post, and what I have in mind for all of this organic jazz.


-Sprouted Quinoa & Black Bean Burgers from Oh My Veggies

– Avocado, Chickpea and Feta Salad from Two Peas & Their Pod

– Marinated Tempeh Cutlets from Whole Foods



And if you wanted an update on my lentil babies, they are ALIVE!!!




Note: I did not have my Granny hand model, that is really my old lady hand.


They got transformed into some taco filling for taco (salad) Tuesday! And to make room for sprouting some quinoa for the burgahs.






Raspberries were also an exception to the organic rule since I had a coupon, and coupons trumph everything. And cabbage…well just because I couldn’t find it’s organic counterpart and my lame excuse us that it is on the list for containing the least amount of pesticides. AND it tastes good slathered in peanut butter. #imaweirdoandiknowit





Soo in conclusion, I think it is certainly feasible to not break the bank and eat organically. Personally, I feel better spending money and quality food than on handbags, jewelry, or shoes (unless they are runnable) since what good is all of it if you aren’t keeping yourself healthy?

If I could, I would focus more on buying locally than organically, since organic kale from California still travels the same distance as conventional kale from California. But I have a feeling that soon enough I will be in reach of both local AND organic foods. But that’s a post left for another day… 🙂



Make it a great day!

Do you buy organically grown foods?

What’s one food you crave during the Summer?


10 thoughts on “Grocery Haul: The Cost of Eating Organic

  1. I don’t pay too much attention to eating organic. I’m with you on eating local v. organic. I’d rather buy local MN produce than organic in order to support the farmers in my state. My husband’s dad is one of them!
    Shelly recently posted…Weekend HighlightsMy Profile

    • Totally agree with you on that one. I think local is better than organic in a lot of ways, but if it is not available organic is a good choice as well. And having a father in law that is a farmer is a good reason to support local!

  2. See if you can find a local farm offering a CSA (community supported agriculture). Lots of small farms are doing it now as opposed to farmers markets. We found one in our tiny town and enjoy local, organic (though uncertified, too much red tape) produce and eggs until Thanksgiving. Also, if you want to save even more money, I’ll give you a super easy recipe to make your own yogurt. No special equipment needed, very little hands-on time needed, AND you can use the leftover whey to make protein rich smoothies!

    • That’s a great idea Carol. I know a lot of farms use organic practices without being labeled as such because of the money but as long as you know your farmers, you will know your food. Miss going to the farm at UConn and the bees!

    • Wow that’s so cool! I would imagine the food world would be a bit different there from here. The way I look at it, is if a food doesn’t last very long, chances are it is better for you. I’d say that’s a good sign!

  3. I’ve been trying to eat a lot more organic… I think it’s worth the cost & the $40 you spent didn’t sound bad, IMO. I’m also trying to buy more locally for my eggs, which I get free-range (and know what farms they’re from), as well as buying organic free-range chicken since they have a better life & are healthier. For some veggies/fruit I will skimp on organic if I need to, but for any dairy or meat – organic and/or grass-fed is needed. I plan to only purchase free-range or local eggs too… I think the chickens have a bit better life (I’m all for that if I’m going to consume these products) – and it’s healthier for me.
    Karey @ Nutty About Health recently posted…12 Health Podcasts Worth A Listen [or two]My Profile

    • That’s so great Karey! I want to start buying local fresh eggs as well since I totally agree with what you say about them. I am hoping to be abl to convert to a more local way of eating since it is better for everyone involved!

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