Friday Favorites #1

Hey friends!

It’s about that time to break free from the work week and bust out your weekend pants!


But first a little dose of some Friday Favorites!

I always love reading these kinds of posts, so I thought I’d give it a go this time around.

Let’s Boogie.


Friday Favorites

My morning cocktail



Okay not exactly. More like this hot mess of a glass.


morning cocktail.PNG

I finally jumped on the raw Apple Cider Vinegar trolley after 19 google searches brought me no such luck that my $0.69 bottle of cider vinegar did anything except burn going down and make a mean salad dressing.

Instead I mix about 1 tbsp of Bragg’s ACV with a few drops of pumpkin spice liquid stevia, a dash of cinnamon, and fill it up with water. It somehow tastes like apple pie in a your drinking fermented bacteria water kinda way.

I have no clue if it’s actually doing anything, but at least I’m one with the cool kids now.


Shipyard Half Marathon


shipyard half[taken from their Facebook page}

While I may not be running any halfs this year, I didn’t want to miss out on this fun! I signed up to volunteer for the Old Port Half in Portland as a way to make some new running friends.

..And to get all the free swag and not have run a damn foot. Who are we kidding here. Good luck to all the runners out there!



“Nobody To Love” by Alex Newell



I seriously can’t stop. Thank you Pandora for introducing me to my latest musical addiction. If you hear this song coming from my apartment, there’s a 98% chance that I am dancing around like a fool.

..And a 99% chance that I am singing into a remote while looking mildly insane.

My Hibiscus Plant




MJ bought me a cute little hibiscus tree as one of my many house warming gifts, even with red blooms to match my living room. I’m ready to see them blooms!

I am gratefully amazed it’s not a wilted pile of compost with my lack of plant parenting.

The basil on the other hand…



Let’s just say I won’t be making pesto anytime soon.


All the Cherries


Does anyone remember that Gushers commercial where all the kids’ heads turn into a giant fruit? (if not you can watch it here)

I’m pretty sure mine’s about to burst into a giant cherry. For a $1.99/lb, I’ve been happily eating my weight in them this past week.


Make it a great day!

What’s something you’ve been lovin’ on lately?

Favorite fruit of the moment?



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