Fabulous Five Things Friday


Kick off your shoes and relax your feet. Cuzz it’s Fa-Fa-Friday! Yessir.

Because that 2 weeks off really took a lot out of me. I challenge you to sleep in, spend half your day in sweat pants to change into my “fancy” yoga pants and not be tired at the end of it.

I started my morning with a “superbowl” of nachos and spicy buffalo wings. Oh wait..wrong superbowl. I put together a batch of overnight oats that makes quinoa look unhealthy. Here’s what went in:

1/2 cup oats

1/2 cup unsweetened soymilk

1/4 cup Chobani plain yogurt

1 scoop Life’s Basics Plant Protein w/ Greens Powder

1/2 cup frozen blueberries


photo(10)A vegan, protein, green, antioxidant packed breakfast, that even I was impressed how healthy it was. The protein powder tends to taste a bit well….green and bitter, so the cinnamon and blueberries helped to sweeten it up.

For this Fabulous Friday, I thought I would join up with Clare for an edition of “Five Things Friday”

five things friday - fitting it all in blog

Normally it would be sharing five things I ate, 5 workouts, et cetera (that;s etc in short hand talk), but of course I’m putting my own spin on it and just sharing 5 things about me currently. So pretty much the short story version of FTF, because I got coffee to drink and peanut butter to eat. Heerregoes!

I finally got new running shoes.


About darn tootin’ time! I’m really bad about replacing my sneaks for running within 500, 5000..whatever the miles you are supposed to change your shoes at. After starting Insanity and getting awful cramps in my feet, I decided it was time to change in old pavement kickers.

And of course I got one’s that are as bright as Albert Einstein. I settled on the ADIDAS Adiprene in Neon Coral.  They look more orange than pink in the picture, but you can blame poor lighting for that.

True fact: I purchased these primarily because of their color. But that’s the only way to buy ANY kind of shoe, right? Well it worked out that my feet don’t feel like they are splitting in half any more so I guess they’re effective too.

I’d rather it be cold and dry than rainy and wet.

As you can see we are going from 19 degrees to 52 degrees this weekend. Sad part of it is, that it is supposed to rain. I can honestly say that after getting caught in the rain on Monday morning, and having to spend all day with a mop head and wet clothes, that I would rather have it be cold and dry than rainy and wet.

At least the cold goes away when I blast the heat, but if you are wet the cold stays with you alllll dayyy. I think I had my heat on full blast more when it was 50 degrees and rainy than when it is -5. Until it gets to 50 degrees and sunny, I’ll take the freezing temps without the rain thank you very much.


My peanut butter addiction just went to another level.


So remember that little snippet about more writing opportunities? Well my friends, you are looking at the official RD blogger for the Vermont Peanut Butter Company!

Yes, all of the things I love bundled up into one great spot. Peanut butter, writing, nutrition, and did I mention Maple Walnut Peanut Butter?! I will be blogging twice a month for VTPB and filling you in more about why I chose to work with VT Peanut Butter Co. and CEO Chris Kaiser right from the comforts of my home blog page until their website’s revamp is complete. Stay tuned next week for the first post!

I drink warm water.


Totally related to peanut butter, I know. But yes, pretty much from November 1st until hmmm May 1st all of my beverages are consumed warm.

Since I am freezing to begin with, the thoughts of slugging down a glass full of ice cold water just doesn’t appeal to me for some strange and unforeseen reason. It’ is mostly in the form of coffee and tea, but even plain old tap water is served from hot from the faucet or heated up in the micro.

My roommate Karen used to drink warm water too which made me look a little less crazy, or maybe just made us look a little bit more crazy but at least I had a partner in warm water crime.

But I eat cold soup.


I know, I just put my strangeness into overdrive but I have been known to eat a bowl of chili straight out of the fridge. Not even giving the microwave or stove a thought. I feel like soups and stews always have more flavor when they are colder. Unless I just made it, I usually eat them cold or lukewarm. Hey, as long as I have my piping hot cup of water to warm me up I don’t see the harm in this.

Looking for a new way to enjoy oats this month? Hop over to the Stone Soup blog to check out “6 Unusual Uses for Oatmeal” to celebrate National Oatmeal month!

Have a great weekend!

Tell me one fun fact about yourself!

Any fun plans this weekend?

7 thoughts on “Fabulous Five Things Friday

  1. I love warm water in the cold winter! It’s essential :) That is so awesome that you are an official RD blogger for VT Peanut Butter!! That is an amazing opportunity, I wish you the best! What is better than combining all your passions in one?! :)

  2. I also like to drink warm water – well usually room temp. It’s actually better for your digestion to NOT drink cold water because it’s harder for you to process (especially after a long workout). I got this awesome watterbottle called ZingAnything and it has this fruit infuser in the bottom. It’s made my water taste amazing without adding sugar and calories.

    • That’s another reason I drink it warm, especially first thing when I wake up with a squeeze of lemon. I have a reusable cup that has an infuser as well and love it in the Summer with some frozen berries!

      • I’m going to have to try that sometime. I love lemon in my water – or just plain lemon. I eat them with a grapefruit spoon LOL! I haven’t tried it warm YET.

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