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Butter’s bad for you. Just kidding, margarine is. Don’t drink coffee. Okay, you can drink coffee, but no more than a couple cups a day. But don’t drink alcohol….unless it’s red wine then limit it to two cups a day. Well make that one if you’re a woman…..



Confused yet? Ready to pull your hair out with all this conflicting information?




We are bombarded with TONS of nutrition/health/fitness information each and every day. From the internet, TV, magazines, newspapers, overhearing a conversation while ordering your Frappuccino at Starbucks, EVERYWHERE!


So which information is right? As a Registered Dietitian, it is even hard for ME to keep up with all of this information, so how should we expect everyone else who doesn’t enjoy reading nutritional biochemistry research articles to?




And that’s how Did You Know was created. After being inspired by my good friend Emily’s blog, where she shared made popular nutrition topics easy to understand, I decided what better way to share all this great info than to have it all in one place?



After becoming a Registered Dietitian, and getting a job that didn’t force me to stay up to date with all the new research, I felt the old saying of “if you don’t use it, you lose it” becoming a reality. Everything I had learned and worked so hard at to become a dietitian was being swept away behind how many cases of crinkle-cut carrots I should buy this week.



Did You Know became an outlet for me to explore and research hot topics in health, and share it in a way that was easy for anyone to understand regardless of their background. Whenever a new trend or diet or study comes out, I add it to my list of topics to explore each month. Let’s just say there is already a bit of a backlog of topics I want to cover!





After meeting Emily and Amanda at the Healthy Living Summit in 2013 and finding out that they were nutrition nerds (in a good way!) like me, I knew they both would be the perfect fit to get these hot topics off the ground. Starting back in February of 2014, the first Friday of every month, we each host a topic of our choosing as well as the link-up to allow our readers to add their own topics and posts. This creates a bigger audience to capture, build, and share all the great knowledge we all have and help educate people on the truth behind some of those otherwise confusing health claims.


What Did You Know Is:

Did you know is a way to get not only health professionals or those interested in health/nutrition/fitness a way to share their knowledge, but it is also a way to get EVERYONE more involved with these health topics. I can’t believe how much I have learned not just by doing my own research, but by reading the many posts and topics that are linked up every month. Did You Know is a way to decipher and share the truth or a different perspective on a health-related topic, and a space for discussion and questions around it.


What Did You Know Is Not:

While I love to read and share as many topics on nutrition and health as possible, Did You Know is not a place to promote/sell any nutrition-related products/supplements/services or the like. While it serves as a place for learning and discussion, it is not a place for discrimination, hateful comments, or any other rude comments. It is okay to disagree or have different opinions on topics, but please do so in a respectful manner.



Ready to join?


Have a topic you are dying to learn more about or want to share with the masses? Join in on the first Friday of every month to read about new topics and share your own!


All you have to do to join in is:

1. Post a nutrition/health/fitness related topic on your blog.

2. Link back to either Sinful Nutrition, More Than Just Dessert, or Diary of a Semi-Health Nut.

3. Visit/Comment/Share at least one of the linked posts.

4. Include our badge on your post. (optional. Badge located at bottom)

5. Cite sources when applicable (try to use reputable and reliable sources. No wikipedia!)

6. Learn & Share!


It’s okay if your topic is also covered by someone else that month. Most likely you will have different information/perspectives on the topic, and allows for more discussion!


Be sure to use the hashtag #didyouknow on all social media, and check out our new Pinterest page to catch all of the past topics!



Here are all my past Did You Know Topics to get you inspired!


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Questions? Feel free to shoot me an email [sinfulnutrition@gmail.com] or use my contact page. I’d love to hear from you!

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