Did You Know #9: Free Continuing Education For Dietitians

Hello young lovers! Can you feel it. I said, CAN YOU FEEL IT! That’s a little thing I like to call FRIDAY. The sweatpants of weekdays.


I knocked out 4 miles on the road yesterday, and boy was I a sweaty mess.




But you couldn’t tell from the fact that I was drenched from the rain. Call me crazy, but running in the rain makes me feel so much more hardcore and dedicated. Like I’m one of those stupid folks who is out trudging pavement while everyone else is snuggled up with a grilled cheese and night full of Sex and the City. THAT girl.

But alas, it is the first Friday of the month, which means I am here to party with my favorite nutrition nuts for another edition of the Did You Know Link-up!



Did You Know..


No clue what I’m talking about? Start here!

Nutrition. Oh, nutrition. Every college student feels the burn of whether or not to spend the last five dollars to your name on a loaf of bread and peanut butter or a box of Franzia. The struggle is real though.


So you survive your four years and hooray! You are off to the real world where you have slightly more income and ten times as many responsibilities. Including paying for those four years of white zinfandel dinners.






But not if you’re set on being a dietitian! You get the pleasure of another year of signing up for the birthday clubs for every restaurant in a 20 mile radius to get a free meal…..every month. Who? Me?! Must have been that other blonde haired girl bringing tupperware into a Cici’s pizza.



And then tack on another few hundred dollars to finally taking the test and paying some more fees all so you can add a couple more letters to your name.






But don’t get me wrong. I LOVE nutrition. Why else would I go through all the trouble and proceed to name my blog with such?! But one more itty bitty commitment us RDs need is to keep learning.



And rightly so! I feel there is a new diet or health claim with every kombucha I sip. But if you aren’t lucky enough to land a job that pays for every little thing needed for those two letters, those seminar and meeting fees can add up.



And that’s why I wanted to share some of my favorite resources to start racking up those credits fo FREE!



Most of them are web-based to meaning you can do them any ol time you please. Even in your pj’s, on the couch, while watching Parks and Rec at the same time. Never done it, just saying you could if you wanted. ๐Ÿ™‚



Here’s my list of free CPE credits for dietitians that I have stumbled upon.






Today’s Dietitian: Self-study and webinars available. Free registration required. 1.0 CPE credit.


Food & Nutrition Magazine: CPE quizzes on information from magazine. (hint the correct answers are at the bottom!) NO registration required. 1.0 CPE credit.


Dietitian Central: Free and paid webinars available. Free registration required. 1.0 CPE credit.


Abbott Nutrition:Online courses involving neonatal, pediatric, adult and geriatric practices. Great source for clinical RDs. Make sure to select ‘Dietitian’ in the “Filter By Profession” dropbox. Free registration required. 1.0 CPE credit.


American Diabetes Association: Online webcasts, self-assessments, and performance improvement activities. Free registration required. 0.75 CPE credit.


Hi-R-Ed.org: Free online courses worthย  for dietitians, nurses, social workers and case managers. Registration required. 1.0 CPE credit.



And now after you’ve watched all these webinars and completed the quizzes, here’s some tips to make sure they count!


*Submit your plan and log your hours to CDR. One thing my internship didn’t really tell me about was how to do this step, and kinda stumbled upon the fact I had to once I started completing some CPEs. Every RD has to submit a plan for what areas of continuing ed they want to complete, and goals they have to meet them. Your plan must be submitted before or up to 120 days after your first activity. After that, and you can’t claim it for credit. Then you must complete a log for all of the CPEs you complete. No idea what I’m talking about? Head over to CDR for more info!

*Only 15 CPEs can come from webinars. Before you go racking up with webcasts on Celiacs and lactose intolerance, keep that in mind!

* Print each certificate and file. You don’t have to turn anything in to the academy, but if you were ever audited you would need to present this. Keep them all in order and in a safe place.


Hope that helps some of my fellow RDs out there! Now hop around and check out all the other great link ups this month!

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Make it a great day!

Do you need continuing education for your profession?

Are you a visual/audio/tactal learner? I’m tactal meaning doodling all over my notes actually helps me learn!

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