Did You Know #8: Would You Give Your Kids Coffee?


Rise and shine my Frankensteins! Smell that fresh Friday air!


I’ve been sticking to my training schedge for the half in November, which called for some cross-training. 10 miles on the bike to pick up some new reads. My quads weren’t so happy.




Then I got to spend the day yesterday with my best frand Hillry, where we got pretty romantic with some Stella Cidre.




Except minus the small little detail that it was during the free Budweiser tour, and that candlelight is actually a globe of beers. Stay classy my friends.



And today my loves marks the first Friday of September! And that means…..



“What is Did You Know..Friday, Alex.”



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200 points, alright!


Now I’m here to ask you a question to start off today’s post.


Would you give your kids coffee?


Now maybe you don’t have kids, but maybe you have some child figure in your life you can think of. And if not, let’s just give birth a hypothetical infant. Say you’re sitting down to a healthy breakfast to fuel the rest of the day for your little youngin’ bundle of joy. Eggs are cooked. Apple is sliced into cinnamon coated smiles. And a hot cup of coffee served in their Dora the Explorer sippy cup.



One of these things is not like the other…


Coffee for a child?! Well act a fool cuz that’s stuffs LUDACRIS!




Okay scratch that. Let’s give them a coffee with 10 grams of sugar instead. MUCH BETTER!



Do I sound crazy yet? I know, I am. But how crazy does it sound to give a kid a can of soda?




Not so out of the ordinary now? Sadly it probably should be. According to the CDC over half the population over age 2 consumes soda on a daily basis, with most of it being consumed by 12-19 year old boys.

Figure 1 is a bar chart showing the mean kilocalories from sugar drinks for ages 2 years and over by sex and age for combined years 2005 through 2008.

If the sound of drinking pure sugar water doesn’t sound teeth rotting enough, sugary beverage consumption has also been shown to linked to poor diet quality, weight gain, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.

Now why am I making the comparison of coke to coffee? While they may look pretty similar side by side, what they do in the body is quite different.

Not only does a can of soda have sugar to hype you up, but caffeine is also added for good measure. A 12 oz can of soda has about 35 mg of caffeine. A typical 12 oz cup of joe has about 150 mg. Okay, so coffee has about 4 times as much caffeine as a can of soda, which is why I am not advocating slipping your kid an iced mocha instead of a root beer. I just wanted to point out that soda contains caffeine as well as the main culprit, SUGAR.


Remember that 10 teaspoons of sugar I told you to add to your coffee? As disgusting as it sounds, this is exactly how much a 12 oz can of soda contains.

“A typical 12 oz can of soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar…”



And that’s just in ONE can of soda. Bump that up to a 20 oz bottle or a couple cans of soda throughout the day, and we’re talking triple digit grams of sugar JUST from soda. Don’t even get me started on the candy, sugary cereals, juice, and other hidden sugars that can be thrown into the mix.



While last month was National Kids Eat Right month, I think every month should be focused on providing kids of all ages with not only the knowledge of the effects of sugar on the body, but also the environment to make it less likely for them to choose these caffeinated and sugar laden drinks in the first place.


Here are a few simple steps to help cut back on sugary drinks:


  • Make your own soda by adding a splash of 100% fruit juice to seltzer water.
  • Add fresh fruits like strawberries or raspberries to water for flavor.
  • Carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go.
  • Buy flavored sparkling water without added sugars or artificial sweeteners for something bubbly.


So don’t get me wrong, I love me my coffee, but as much as I wouldn’t give a child a cup of the stuff, I also wouldn’t give it to them with 10 teaspoons of sugar. And the same reason why I wouldn’t give them a can of soda. So before you think of soda as a harmless treat for little Miss Susie or Jimmy or anyother stereotypical child name, ask yourself this,


Would you give your kids coffee?


…with 10 packets of sugar?



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Make it a great day!

Do you drink soda?

Would you give your kid coffee?

7 thoughts on “Did You Know #8: Would You Give Your Kids Coffee?

  1. Love your tips for substituting healthier options for soda! I’ve never been a soda fan, even as a kid (weirdo right??) but I guess it’s worked in my benefit. I see parents order coffee for their kids sometimes… I think it’s a European thing. I know coffee does have health benefits but I’m not sure kids need those. But, I’m no parent, so who knows!! Haha, great topic!!

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  3. I do serve “little girl coffee” at special occasion breakfasts and on those horribly bitter cold mornings. It’s about a 1/4 of a mug of hot coffee with the rest of the mug filled with warm milk and a TBSP or 2 of sugar. My Dad used to make it for me and I figure it’s no worse (possibly better) than hot cocoa. It’s definitely a special occasion treat. Soda? Also a special occasion treat, usually at other people’s houses.
    Kristen recently posted…Suicide Prevention Day 2014My Profile

  4. AMEN! I just started working at a school this year and the amount of soda (coupled with sugary school lunch treats and candy handed out for good behavior) that these kids can put down in a day is just sad! I had a bottle of green juice on my desk today and one student asked “Ms. Pie why is you pop all funky looking?” I explained what it was and from the look on her face you would have thought I told her I was drinking blood. There needs to be more education like this to remind parents that pop shouldn’t be an everyday thing.
    Sarah Pie recently posted…Post-Workout Selfies… Yay or Nay?My Profile

    • Oh I know! I used to be a food service director for a school district and it killed me to see all the sugar and fake foods these kids could eat. We can hope that one day kids will be drinking green juice more than soda!

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