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Hello my bloggity Mcbloggerson friends!

Oh how it’s good to be back. Now that I’m out of my baguette induced coma I can finally settle back in to my comfy blogging bed.


Now mark your calenders for the EPIC EUROPEAN RECAP POSTS, but we can’t neglect what day it is today first.


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So while I enjoyed every waking minute of croissant, french baguette, bowls of coffee, and tart inhalation, it left me wanting nothing but a giant plate of greens the size of my face when I returned back to the states.





And that’s where this post comes in. It’s funny how fast the next month comes when you are off gallivanting in another country, and nutritional research topics weren’t exactly in the cards when the streets of Paris are under your feet.


What I did do though was read a lot and listen to a lot of podcasts. All of which involved food or nutrition to some degree of course. And all of which has changed my mind about food and nutrition.




Of course this is a topic near and dear to my heart after studying nutrition and becoming a registered dietitian, I should know all there is to know about food and health, right?


And I thought I did.

“Make half your grains whole.”

“Eat the rainbow.”

“Avoid cholesterol and saturated fat.”

“Eat less, exercise more for weight loss.”

“Calories in calories out.”


I knew it all down pat. Give this girl a sticker ‘cuz she knows her stuff!


Until you start questioning EVERYTHING you know and learned.

Are whole grains REALLY that healthy for you?

Does saturated fat REALLY lead to heart disease?

Are all calories REALLY just the same?


And that’s where my head REALLY started to implode. “If I don’t even know what’s healthy anymore, how can I begin to tell other people what is?”




Now I’ll be honest here and tell you that I’ve had my ups and downs with weight and body image. Just because I’m a dietitian doesn’t mean I’m not human AND a female living in today’s society.


I’ve dieted. Counted calories. Abused my body. Lost weight. Gained weight. The whole kit-in-kaboodle.


And now I’m paying for it.


I thought the way I was eating was right and healthy, but now I’m not so sure.  And that’s why I’m giving this way of eating a change.


After reading lots of books including “Good Calories, Bad Calories”, “The Calorie Myth” and “The 4 Hour Body” and related podcasts, it has changed the way I think about health. Just some of my thoughts are:

  • We don’t NEED grains, but they’re not the devil
  • All calories are not equal
  • Calories in, calories out does not work so simply
  • Fat is not evil
  • Stress is equally as important as food for weight loss


I could go on a tangent about each, but I’ll spare you for another day.


So what does this all mean? It means I am breaking free from conventional nutrition wisdom to take the path less traveled.



Call it paleo or primal or waldo for all I care, since I’ve said before I don’t really believe in labeling the way I eat. Tastes, beliefs, and life changes so “whatever works for you” is the only label I hand out bountifully. I’m giving my body a restore to see how it affects the way I feel and operate.


I’m calling this a 21 Day Restore rather than a “detox” or “cleanse” or whatever other buzzword is out there because it’s not about that. I want to focus on restoring my health and views on eating to find what really works for me in the long run.

My skin is constantly dry and bumpy, I haven’t had my period in over 10 months while all my blood labs come back normal, and chronic exercise hasn’t lead to weight loss despite eating less. All this is telling me something is wrong and I don’t need a pill to fix it.


This is based mostly off of Jonathan Bailor’s of “The Calorie Myth” idea about eating, but I threw in caffeine since drinking a bowl of coffee daily has enabled me to have a cup at 9 pm and sleep like a baby.

I don’t like that power.


Picture 2

and if you want to join me, I’ve made a pdf version for your downloading pleasure below!

21 Day Restore Eating Guide


The basic premise is to focus your meals heavily on non-starchy veggies followed by a good dose of protein, and some fats and berries or citrus fruit.


Now I’m really putting it out there not only for myself, but for others who might be facing the same dilemma or want to change the way they eat. I’ve given the “low-carb” way a go, and while I can’t exactly sustain a chronically low carb intake, it did help lead to this change in eating. I’m even including the dreaded “Before” and “After” bathing suit photos and measurements. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to post this kind of thing to a bunch of (mostly) strangers.



Waist: 30″

Hips: 35″

Left Arm Circumference: 12″

Right Arm Circumference: 12″

Left Leg Circumference: 20.5″

Right Arm Circumference: 21″

Total Inches: 130.5


I really need to work on that posture.


So that’s that, and a long winded post since I have to make up for lost times. I’m giving this a go full-blown for 21 days, and seeing how I feel at the end and adjust to fit what works for me. Just guessing, but I think coffee will be making a return appearance. We’re not good at long distance relationships.



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 Make it a great day!

How do you feel about the current nutrition news?

What’s your favorite health-related book or podcast?

19 thoughts on “Did You Know #7: 21 Day Restore

  1. I totally get the confusion and frustration of learning one thing in class, but seeing different thought processes AND results in the real world. I’ve never thought calories in calories out was a great way for weight loss because our bodies are wayyyy more complicated than calorie counts. I know it works over a short period of time and yes when doing tube feedings this might work well, but not for a regular person living life. That’s how people mess up their metabolisms!!

    I’m interested to see how this goes for you! And I was going to check for some of your recaps, but just kidding. We will have to gchat all about it!!
    Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut recently posted…Did You Know #7 [ Nutrition, Fitness + Health Link-Up ]My Profile

  2. Another thought: I’ve heard recently that running or other intense endurance activities actually puts stress on our bodies and causes us to gain weight. Eek! I know you run a lot so I wanted to mention this and also that I’ve heard of heart rate training where you don’t let your heart rate get above a certain number so that your body doesn’t get too stressed out. Fascinating stuff. I will find you a link if you’re interested! 🙂
    Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut recently posted…Did You Know #7 [ Nutrition, Fitness + Health Link-Up ]My Profile

    • Yes I’m actually cutting back on the running and chronic cardio exercise, which is why I didn’t really mention it in the post. Just trying to do something active every day and not pushing myself too hard, just doing what feels right!

  3. I am so impressed! It takes a lot of honesty and openness to realize that, just maybe, we weren’t right before. This field changes so often! I love the label “whatever works for you”! And thank you thank you for not using the word detox. I can’t wait to read about your progress with this!
    Kristen recently posted…We Are So Blessed: A Challenge #sharethe4My Profile

  4. Good for you! I think it’s great to grow and evolve as a dietitian. I know I started my career thinking so many of the same thoughts, but quickly realized different patterns of eating work for different people and as long as you stick with mainly unprocessed/minimally processed foods, you’ll be fine!
    Rachael@AnAvocadoADay recently posted…Friday Favorites 8/1/14My Profile

    • I couldn’t agree more Rachael, thanks! Everyone is different so I think it is important to not adapt a “one size fits all” mentality to eating since it doesn’t apply for almost every other aspect of life.

    • Thanks so much Sarah! Sometime I think, “how could I have believed this?!” on some things. I hope the field of nutrition and teaching will evolve sooner rather than later!

  5. You are SO brave for being brutally open about everything and especially posting the before and after pictures. I do have to say though, you look amazing!! Anddd if that’s how you look after frolicking in France, then goodness gracious, you rock! Nutrition can be SO confusing, which I totally hate. I feel like I’ve flipped flopped between different lifestyles, and I really just wish I could find one that works. Regardless, I’m excited to watch you kick some booty!
    Allie recently posted…I’m Stressed. I Shot a Gun. Nano 4′s!My Profile

    • Well thanks dollface it wasn’t easy I’ll tell you that! I don’t think we have to fit the mold for any one diet. I mean I say I’m vegetarian, but eat tons of fish, eggs, and yogurt. People just like things to be black and white, but like many other things I don’t think lifestyles and eating fit that mold.

    • I love ya miss Katie. Yeah, I have struggled with actually having one for years but just refuse to go back on any pill. Hoping this change can shed some light! I may incorporate more yoga into my life since I am taking a break on running for the most part as of now and just focusing more on feeding my body good foods!

  6. Wow, love this post!! Welcome to the dark side of the nutrition world!! 🙂 We need more like-minded real food & low-carb types, yay! Sounds like a great plan & you are brave girl!! I think you look great, but I am way too self-conscious to post pics of myself. Excited to hear how it all goes for you. 🙂
    Karey @ Nutty About Health recently posted…The Week In Fitness #50My Profile

  7. I’ve given up on learning about diet and nutrition. There is just way to much conflicting information! I have all of that fighting in my head and causing way more stress and freaking out than is necessary. Lately I’ve just moved into figuring out what’s best and works for me. I hope this also helps you do that for yourself!
    Shelly recently posted…Applegate Fun on National Hot Dog DayMy Profile

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