Did You Know #4: Does Eating Slow Mean Eating Less?


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But today my friends means another addition to the Did You Know tid-bits with my nutritional wing women Amanda and Emily!

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Today’s topic is all about speed eating. This immediately makes me think of those crazy food competitions where people shove hot dogs down their throat as if the Oscar Meyer empire depended on it. While these gluttonous competitions are plain old disturbing to watch, it does bring up a good point for all of us folks who don’t bear the golden wienie belt buckle and lifetime supply of spicy mustard.

Does eating slower actually make you eat less? | sinfulnutrition.com

I found a study on the topic in the March issue of the Journal for The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The study group was made up of both normal weight and overweight men and women.

They were instructed to eat lunch at a test kitchen 2 days a week. One day they would be told to eat as fast as they could within a certain time frame, and would meet again during the same week for lunch to eat at a slower pace with a longer time to eat.

The study even accounted for the women during menstruation since I can personally say I am a bottomless pit during such times. The researchers made sure to not schedule testing days during these times. I’m just taking a guess these researchers were women.

So what was the verdict? The study found that during the slower-eating days, calorie intake was 10% less.

But this fact was only found to be significant in normal weight individuals. During both the fast and slow eating periods, overweight individuals ended up eating less than their normal eating patterns.

It was said to be because they are more self conscious when eating in an unfamiliar or public environment, while normal weight individuals end up eating more.

Another finding was that water intake increased by 27% during the slow-eating phase.

This makes sense when their is more time to eat a meal, there is more time to fit in some sips of water and pace the meal.


Some of the limitations to the study were that it did not measure long-term eating patterns or weight management with the speed of eating. It also didn’t account for the unnatural setting of the test kitchen, the type of food served, and the the usual eating speed of the individuals. Further research on the connection between weight loss and the speed of eating was indicated in the study as well.

Bottom line: Eating slower can result in eating less during a meal, but it is not conclusive if its effect on long-term weight loss or management. It is a good idea to take your time and really enjoy your meal rather than shovel it in Scooby and Shaggy style.


We all have our hangry moments, eating peanut butter from the jar, or standing in front of the fridge eating leftovers from the pan. But for the most part, try to stick to these tips for meals:

– Focus on your meal without distractions (TV, computer, cell phone, reading)

– Take your time chewing.

-Put your fork down in between bites

– Eat until you are satisfied. Not full.

-Actually taste your food. Enjoy it!

I try my best to follow these rules for at least 2 out of 3 meals each day. Eating alone is a little sad at the table, so dinner meals usually are spent with The Pioneer Woman or any of my fav Food Network folks. So come eat dinner with me, k?

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Make it a great day!

Are you a fast or slow eater?

Do you eat in front of the TV? Computer? In front of your phone?

6 thoughts on “Did You Know #4: Does Eating Slow Mean Eating Less?

  1. “Good golly Miss Molly” <–I totally say that and things like that all. the. time. Maybe you make me giggle because we are so similar?? And I make myself laugh?? 😉

    Seriously that study is awesome and I'm willing to bet money it was run by women with accounting for menstrual cycles. Genius. I definitely eat slow but am super bad with distracted eating…eating a snack as a type!

    Yay for Did You Know Fridays!!
    Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut recently posted…Did You Know Link-Up #4My Profile

  2. Great topic and tips, Emily!! paying attention to my meal is HUGE for me in terms of weight management and weight loss goals.

    I’m really digging this series you ladies are co-hosting and am learning A LOT from all of you. I really appreciate that you guys are sure to site your sources and teach me beyond what I already “know.” Great work, my friend!!
    Heather recently posted…Twosday LXXIVMy Profile

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