Did You Know #3: Diet is a Noun.


Hello my friends, and happy Friday! Can we get an Amen that Spring has finally slunk (not sprung..slunk) around these parts?! It’s still frosty and in the 30’s when I drive into work, but that’s fine with me since it is sunny and in the 60’s just in time for me to get out. Hooray for no Winter coats!




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We have agreed to include any fitness related articles/posts on the link-up since diet and exercise go hand in hand. I just don’t advise eating peanut buttered carrots while you exercise. Just trust me on that one..

With Spring in the air and Summer right around the corner, time and time again I hear “bikini body” or “Summer slimdown” and any other countless diets and weight loss programs to get ready to slip on that itsy bitsy bikini.

Am I the only one who is still puzzled how some bathing suits are smaller than a bra and panties? Yet if I walked out in my maiden forms I might as well change my name to Hester Prynne and slap a big ol’ scarlet letter on my chest.


Yes the word diet is thrown so much in today’s society that there are hundreds of new diets that come out each and every year. Cabbage soup diet. Low-carb diet. Juice Cleanse diet. Lemonade diet. The list goes on. No matter what comes before the word diet there is one thing that they all have in common and that has been said probably as often as there are diets out there.

Diets don’t work.


Now I’ll be honest I am guilty of attempting a slew of diets throughout my lifetime. Slimming down before prom. To fit into my bridesmaid dress. To restart my healthy eating plan. Guilty as charged. Did I lose weight? Of course. Why do people go on diets anyways if there wasn’t some evidence of results.


Woah, woah back that up Em-ski you just said diets don’t work. So let me clarify,

Diets don’t work.


After my repeated cycles of diet, non-diet, diet, non-diet I have come to a dead end. My last “diet” lead to a big fat 0 and I am not talking about my pant size. I didn’t lose an inch. A pound. Heck probably not even a gram.

In fact I probably have even gained weight. You see, the constant stress and starvation your body goes through with repeated dieting that is referred to as “yo-yo” dieting is worse for your body than if you never dieted at all. This can also lead to what I experienced and mess with hormones and body regulations that make your body hold onto fat no matter how little you eat or how much you workout.




So you see I am living proof of the message we dietitians toss around as often as “eat your fruits and veggies” that diets do not work. Yes, I’m a dietitian and yes I have been on diets but please remember which some always seem to neglect when it comes to my profession, I am human.


I too eat cake. I too drink more wine then I probably should sometimes. I hate the way my thighs rub together when I run. I am human. But I have come to accept that fact and give the word diet a big talk to the hand.


The word diet has been so skewed and misconceived in today’s society that people forget what the word really means. Look it up in any dictionary and this is the first answer you’ll get:


di-et.  n.

“The usual food and drink of a person or animal.”


Diet is just the food you eat and the drinks you drink. Sure, I follow a vegetarian “diet” meaning that most of my foods are plant based. I don’t do it for weight loss, I do it because it makes me feel good and what I enjoy eating.

When someone is on a diet, the words “deprivation” or “restriction” come to mind, making certain foods off limits or evil. Which leads to binging once off the diet and thus gaining weight again and going back on the diet wagon wheel. See the problem yet?


As a dietitian (and a human remember) I am not here to shun you for going on a diet or for wanting to lose x amount of weight. I’m here to tell you first hand that one day that next diet won’t work and you will be left with your hands up throwing in the towel and accepting that diets don’t work. I am here to share my story and help you find what does work. One of my favorite foodie quotes is from the beloved Michael Pollan.





Simply said, but speaks mountains. If we focus on eating real food, less processed junk, and moving around a bit more lives would be happier, healthier, and therefore wealthier with less health insurance costs, medications, and other health expenses that come with a poor diet.

Our society is making it difficult to do so with the billions of dollars spent in advertising junk food (do ever wonder where it got it’s nickname from? hmmm..), dependence on technology, and high costs of fresh foods. But that’s a whole other foil wrapped package to open on another day. Today let’s stay positive and list some tried and true facts of living a healthy lifestyle.


1. Eat a balanced diet.

2. Drink plenty of water.

3. Move your body every day.

4. No foods are off limits or bad. All foods are just food.

5. Enjoy your food. Limit distractions while eating.


Soo that was probably the most long winded post in Sinful Nutrition history, but it is one I have been wanting to share but have honestly been afraid to. I did want to share it to just put it out there that I’m not perfect and I too share the same thoughts and struggles as many others who don’t have an RD after their name.

While I don’t have specific studies or research to back up my claims, I am my own research experiment and proof that diets aren’t a verb or an action we need to do to lose weight, but simply the makeup of what we eat and drink. That includes that donut you treated yourself to breakfast last weekend. That gorgeous salad you had for lunch yesterday. And that glass of wine you shared with the people who make you happy.



Diet is a noun. And let’s just say it together, the thoughts of dieting needs to end.

Diets need to die.

Now share your story with the likes of us below!



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