Did You Know #2: The Fat Truth On Skinny Drinks


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In the spirit of celebrating the weekend, some of you may reach for a bottle glass of your favorite adult bev. With the bombardment of “diet” and “low cal” products out there, it’s no surprise that the liquor business hopped on the bandwagon with “skinny” cocktails and drinks. But do these drinks really belly up to give you a buzz for less calories?


So I enjoy a glass of wine as much as the next gal, and the thoughts of getting a glass for less calories sounds like quite the package deal. But like many things, if it sounds too good to be true..it probably is.

First off, I can’t say I am a fan of the line “drink like a lady”. What kind of message is that sending to us ‘ladies’? Oh I’m sorry, I forget since I’m a woman I’m not entitled to drink or eat anything that isn’t diet or low calorie. You might want to tell my jar of peanut butter that. We’ve been having quite the ongoing affair.

Now that I’ve gotten off that soap box let’s get down to the real question. Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Each glass of skinny wine is about 100 calories, which in diet terms is the magical number. I could put a quarter of a donut in pretty packaging and slap a “Only 100 Calories!” label on it and make millions, but anyway I’ve made my point.

You know how many calories are in the average glass of wine. 110. Stop the presses, I just saved 10 calories on a glass of wine I spent $10 extra dollars on. Not quite the savings if you ask me.

I’m not just here to bash the Skinny line of wine and drinks since they do offer quite a lower calorie version of a margarita and mixed drinks. When it comes to the wine though, save your money and buy a bottle of good wine and enjoy it.

There are also lines of flavored vodkas that are claiming to be lower in calories than leading brands. You want to know the truth you don’t want to hear? Sure they’re lower in calories, it’s because they’re lower in alcohol.

Yup. Technically speaking in the alcohol world, bottled vodkas must be no less than 80 proof, but flavored vodkas can be bottled at 60 proof. So these skinny and fruity flavored vodkas are really just there to get you less drunk for twice the amount of money. Plus, if you are thinking, “oh it’s less calories so I can have more anyways!”

And this is exactly true. According to studies at Cornell University, foods that were labeled low-fat encouraged people to eat 50% more. They often underestimated the actual calories of these products thus ended up eating more calories. So these light and low calorie drinks and cocktails can actually make you drink more and consume more calories which is the opposite of the point, right?

So the bottom line is, when it comes to low-calorie alcohol, it is because it is lower in calories. Unless these companies have somehow become magicians and have taken the calories out of alcohol itself, the only calories coming from vodka or any hard alcohols..is alcohol. The same goes for wines and beers. Less calories..less alcohol.

Instead of investing twice as much on half the alcohol, enjoy the real thing, and all in moderation. The recommendation is one drink per day for women and two for men. I think this infographic from Greatist is a great and easy way to see the calories of regular drinks to see the best choices out there without the low-cal or skinny label.

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3 thoughts on “Did You Know #2: The Fat Truth On Skinny Drinks

  1. I’ve only had the margarita one, and I always add more tequila and club soda. I look at it as a mix that gives me margarita flavor, not a stand alone alcohol.

    My biggest tip for anyone wanting to enjoy a good wine is…watch your portions! A regular serving of wine may only be 110 calories, but when I pour….well, 300 calories is probably more likely 😉

  2. I love this snarky post. A large portion of the food industry only cares about getting our money, so of course they are going to market the “low cal” foods. The wine is hilarious though since you only save 10 calories! And who knows if that is even accurate since food companies are allowed to be 20% off! That’s why calorie counting (and sometimes eating anything you didn’t make at home) is a dangerous game.

    Hoorah for another successful “Did You Know..” 🙂

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