Confession + Lower Booty Circuit Workout

Sunday Funday! Hope your morning is going well thus far. I had a wonderful weekend spent watching Christmas movies, eating eggnog ice cream, and seeing The Nutcracker ballet! I’d call that a pretty festive weekend. BUT next Saturday I will be HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! If you couldn’t tell I’ve been looking forward to this trip for quite some time now. Looking forward to seeing everyone I have missed and celebrating with the ones I love. Awww, they should make an abc family movie on my life now…

In the meantime I have been kicking some major boo-tay in the kitchen and in the gym (gym being my room). I have a killer lower body workout for you that left my legs screaming. Hopefully they won’t wuss out on my during my run today!

Last night I made a delicious dinner for thyself. Parmesan Tilapia from Rachael Ray, and mashed potatoes with (gasp!) gravy. This is where the title comes in to play. From a carniverous perspective this isn’t a biggie, but from a 5 year vegetarian it’s quite the scandal. Yes, I used a can of chicken broth for the potatoes and gravy. Oh the horror! BUT to my defense it is as possible to find a can of vegetable broth in the grocery store as it is to have Miley Cyrus ringing me through the check-out line. Okay, maybe Miley Cyrus was a bad example but my point is veggie broth is no where. Nada. Zilch.


I probably won’t be buying broth after my craving for gravy is filled this week. It was pretty dang salty to me so not really worth veggie sinning over. I will recommend using broth for mashed potatoes though, an idea from Ellie Krieger. It adds more flavor without the need for butter. I just added broth, milk, salt, and pepper. Plus if smothered in gravy I’m sure you’ll hardly notice the absence of butter.

Now that I got that off my conscious here’s a workout for your Sunday afternoon! Just a set of hand weights and a timer is all you need.

Lower Booty Circuit Workout - A Killer 30 minute fitness routine that will leave your entire lower body sore to the core!


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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