7 of the Best Brunch Spots in Portland Maine

The 7 Best Brunch & Breakfast Restaurants in Portland, Maine — A local’s guide to the best breakfast restaurants in the Port City that are anything but touristy.


Double Fri-yay high fives friends!

This weekend looks gar-geous (said with my worst Southern accent) here in Maine, and I fully intend to take full advantage of the chance to bronze these casper legs of mine and chug iced coffee far too fast.

Now that it is coming up on a year since I moved to Portland, I have eaten and drank my way around this gorgeous town enough to feel as though I have a good grasp on some it’s best offerings.

Sure, you could do the touristy thing and eat at the waterfront, buy something with a lobster and/or anchor on it, and snap pictures of the lighthouses and seagulls. We’re in Maine after all.

But one thing that local Portlandians love even more than the end of tourist season is BRUNCH.

Purple Finch Breakfast

On any given weekend, you can find folks en mass groggy eyed and messy bunned eagerly awaiting bottomless coffees and egg benny’s all across town. Myself included.

People effen love brunch here. And rightly so, because there are so many delicious options to break your fast after a night of chowder eating and shell hunting.

So I rounded up my favorite spots for brunchin’ breakfast restaurants in Portland, Maine, including my recommended dishes. Insider tip: GET THERE EARLY.

The 7 Best Brunch Spots in Portland, Maine -- A local's guide to the best breakfast restaurants in the Port City that are anything but touristy. | @sinfulnutrition www.sinfulnutrition.com


Bayside American Cafe

Brunch at Bintliff's

Formerly (or still known to the locals) as Bintliff’s, this is a serious must for brunch in Portland. A little further out from the downtown Old Port, but so worth the $4 Uber ride.

Their portions are generous, mimosas are strong, and you feel like you stayed the night over Grandma’s house with the eclectic decor and homey feel inside.

Brunch Hours:

7 AM – 2 PM, daily

Recommended Dish:

House Smoked Salmon Platter (see above)


Local 188


Brunch at Local 188

By far one of the biggest restaurant spaces in Portland, this typically tapas restaurant turns on it’s brunchy charm once the weekend comes.

The open air feel of it’s kitchen and ginormous bar are a welcome change to the usual intimate charm of most spots of Portland’s food landscape, and a unique menu to follow.

Brunch Hours:

9 AM – 2 PM Saturday & Sunday

Recommended Dish:

Mushroom & Herb Scramble (see above)


The Saltbox Cafe

Saltbox Food Truck Breakfast Sandwiches

While technically not a sit down restaurant, The Salt Box is not to be neglected. A tiny house food truck that sits atop the picturesque Eastern Promenade, the view is entree that no other brunch spot is serving up.

Grab a cup of coffee, one of their from scratch breakfast sammies, and take in the salty Saltbox air. Just make sure to check their Facebook page first to make sure they’re open, since they do travel to different spots. And get there early before they run out!

Brunch Hours:

8:30 AM – 2PM, or until sell out daily

Recommended Dish:

Pesto & Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich, with a side of sunshine (see above)


Hot Suppa

Brunch Plate

Bringing me back to my Southern days in Alabama, Hot Suppa is a small space with a big personality. They feature a lot of Southern favorites, brunch included.

Local grits, pulled pork egg sandwiches, biscuits and gravy, and even chicken and waffles, there’s enough Southerness going on here to make Paula Deen consider relocating.

Brunch Hours:

7 AM to 2 PM, daily (7:30 AM on Sunday)

Recommended Dish:

Red Green Burrito (not pictured above, but just take my word on this one)


Portland Pottery Cafe

Portland Pottery Breakfast

By far my #1 favorite place and best kept secret (until now) of the Portland brunch scene. Nestled next to the actual pottery workshop, this quaint little cafe is dishing out some serious good eats.

You can find all types of pottery for sale throughout the restaurant, and is a nice way to poke around while waiting for your food. It’s bright and sunny, yet still has a home-y feel, which I can totally see myself setting up shop for a day with a good book and bottomless coffee (in a handcrafted pottery mug I might add).

And make sure you visit the dessert case before you leave, because they have the most ginormous and ohmygod amazing cookies & rice krispie treats the size of your face (not even kidding), homemade cakes, and even gluten-free options! I could go on forever baby…

Brunch Hours:

9 AM – 2 PM, Sunday

open all day for breakfast every day at 8 AM

Recommended Dish:

Good Morning Wrap, served “naked”, or with toast instead of a wrap. (see above)


Bayou Kitchen

Breakfast Burrito

Another gem straight out of the bayou (duh), has some seriously delicious eats. A little further out from the hub of downtown, but totally worth the excursion for a truly southern (Maine) experience.

The decor brings me back to the streets of New Orleans aka Nawlins, with gators and beads galore, and my waitress even threw some y’alls in there for good measure. I assure you, you won’t leave there hungry and you may just sport a Southern accent for the rest of the day. Just warning you.

Brunch Hours:

7 AM to 2 PM, daily (8 AM Sundays)

Recommended Dish:

El Rancho Verde Omelette (not pictured above)


Local Sprouts Cafe

Brunch at Local Sprouts Cafe

In at a close second to Portland Pottery, I can never say enough good things about Local Sprouts. I guess if a place has the word cafe in it in Portland, there’s a good chance it’s gunna be amazing. As it’s name implies, most everything is sourced locally and organically, and is worker-owned much like a food co-op.

Everything I’ve had here is phenomenal, but I’m especially obsessed with their coffee. There’s lots of local coffee roasters right here in Portland, but Local Sprouts uses a different yet still local roaster than most restaurants and shops and I can’t get enough of it.

If you come on Sunday for brunch, there’s usually a live band playing as well. Breakfast and a show, plus the most amazing coffee you’ll ever have? What more could you ask for?! And if there’s more, you’re just being greedy.

Brunch Hours:

8 AM to 3PM, daily

Recommended Dish:

Bones Scramble, and Coffee is a must (see above)


There you have it. A local’s guide to breakfast in Portland, Maine. I will gladly be your tour guide to any of these fine establishments as well, so don’t hesitate to ask. 😉



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The 7 Best Brunch Spots in Portland, Maine -- A local's guide to the best breakfast restaurants in the Port City that are anything but touristy.


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