A Little Somethin’ Sunday #89

Happy Sunday!

My first ALSS of Jersey! I’ve been out of touch so much lately after moving my life in Portland down to Princeton, NJ with my boyfriend, starting a new job, and traveling across the country for a week.

But I’m back, and it feels SO good! Sundays are the best when spent with you guys, and my main squeeze.

…that’s coffee by the way. 🙂

A little something Sunday

Daily Quote:

Be Full Quote

from Pinterest 

I have my Southern bestie to thank for this one. They can only take from you what you let them. Don’t let that be your happiness, kindness, or glow.

Music of the Moment:

“Eyes Closed” – Halsey

Perfect crusin’ music. Halsey is one of my go-to’s for solo car rides, and rightly so. I mean..she has a song called ‘Gasoline’. Case closed.


Life Lately:

Jammin' Crepes Princeton

Exploring our new city of Princeton starts with what else but FOOD. Jammin’ Crepes is one of the top spots, and is exactly like The Skinny Pancake if you’ve ever been to Vermont. Don’t tell them, but I like these crepes better. #sorrynotsorry

Princeton Garden

When in Princeton, visit Princeton University. This campus is gorgeous, where every building is made of stone and covered in ivy. Finding a secret garden fit with a fountain sealed the deal for falling in love.

Sweet Green Salad

One of the perks of traveling for work, is getting to finally experience Sweetgreen after hearing the blogging world swoon over it for the past few years. It did not disappoint. I went with the Spicy Sabzi salad, which shockingly I couldn’t finish in one sitting. A salad I can’t handle? Mad props.

Link Love


Easy Socca Breakfast PizzaCotter Crunch

I have yet to give socca a try, but putting it in breakfast pizza form is a big motivator to jump on it.

Zucchini Bread Overnight OatsEating Bird Food

‘Tis the season for cold, creamy oats, and an abundance of humongo zucchini. Brittany has got both on lock down.

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches – Joy Food Sunshine

Like I really need to explain myself on this one. These wouldn’t stand a chance lasting more than a week (who am I kidding..I’d give ’em 3 days) in my freezer.

Bruschetta French Toast with Parmesan CrustKrolls Korner

Tawnie, you’re a genius. Turning a notoriously sweet breakfast into an extreme makeover: savory edition blew me away!


What Working with the Elderly Taught Me About Body LoveLively Table

Negative body image doesn’t discriminate. Such a great insight on how body image carries over even in an older population.

Feeling Full vs Feeling SatisfiedThe Foodie Dietitian

There’s a difference. A HUGE difference. Learning how to decipher the two can bring you to a better place with food.

How to Nourish Your BrainLauren Fowler 

Your brain is not stupid (duh), and does all that it can to protect itself (aka your body). Nourishing what it is telling you make the world (and your body) a better place to be.

Meal Frequency Around the WorldFood & Nutrition

I always love seeing what others eat around the world, and how it both ties all of us together, and differentiates us all at the same time. You do you is worldwide!


14 Ways to Take Your Newsletter from Half-Ass to Bad-AssThe Solopreneur

If you’re ready to hit your readers where it counts (aka their inbox) these tips are a must-do to keep them around 4 lyfe.

3 Tips on Time BlockingElle Ay Esse

This strategy works for me both in the blogging and work life. Dedicating a smaller chunk of time to specific projects helps me focus and get things done much more efficiently. Worth a try if you work with better structure!

From the Blog:

Breakfast Salad with Blueberry Dijon Dressing

WIAW: Back in Black

Time Hop:

This time 6 months ago I …

Pre-Workout Potato Energy Bites Recipe -- A healthy and portable snack made with 6 simple ingredients, and no refined sugars! | @sinfulnutrition #AD @potatogoodness


put potatoes into energy bites and won some $$$ for it. Life is GOOD.

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