A Little Somethin’ Sunday #78

Happy Sunday!

It’s gunna be MAY!! Who’s ready?! I’m ready.

But let’s pass the time for one more day, and read what all these great web folks are posting this week!

A little something Sunday

Daily Quote:

Mind Faith Quote

from Pinterest


The mind is one of the most powerful, and strong muscles in the body. It can do just about anything you ask of it.


Music of the Moment:

“Ultralife” – Oh Wonder

This song and video puts me in such a good mood. How it couldn’t…I may never know, but I suggest you try. 🙂


Link Love


Chicken Cucumber Avocado SaladCafe Delites

Oh my…gimme all the garden cukes, because this salad is happening ON REPEAT this summah!

Malted Chocolate Cauliflower SmoothieEating Bird Food

I am totally part of the frozen cauli in smoothie clan, and this may have encouraged me to join it in the first place.

Mexican Street Corn QuinoaLemon Tree Dwelling

Corn gets such a bad rep…but have you flippin’ tasted farm fresh corn straight off the cobb?! I’m gunna say it, it’s a straight up food-gasm. Add it with some feta and fresh herbs, and I would eat it if it were on a flip flop…but quinoa is a much better option.


It’s Not the Body I Asked For, It’s the Body I HaveIn It 4 the Long Run

Having been there done that right along with Georgie, I can say the price I had to pay for the body I wanted was so not worth it.

Why I Hate Clean EatingLively Table

Labeling any type of eating automatically sets unrealistic and unnecessary boundaries and rules. I was nodding my head in agreement throughout this entire post!

Ditching Those Last Diet RulesAvocado a Day Nutrition

“To get back in touch with your intuition, you’ve got to break down the rules that are blocking you from it…..” 

guurrlll sing it!



How to Collaborate with Other BloggersThe SITS Girls

Supporting one another is a great way to grow your blog as well as your community. Blog friends are the best friends!

5 Blogging Tips From a Social EntrepreneurProBlogger

These are some easy and practical tips that any blogger can apply to their site. Keeping up with the changes and updates are key!

The Benefits of Pre-Scheduling Blog PostsA Relaxed Gal

I wish I was this organized and pre-planned besides posting on the last minute. At least I have some goals!

From the Blog:

Baked Falafel Pizza with Lemon Tahini Tzatziki

WIAW: Gloomy Day Eats

Time Hop:

This time 2 years ago I …

…drank pina colada smoothies, and got caught in the rain. I couldn’t resist.

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