A Little Somethin Sunday #64

Happy Sunday!

This weekend has been the epitome of the term blustery. Perfect for curling up under a mountain of blankets, sending an SOS for coffee, and hitting snooze on the world for an extra 5 minutes.

…or hours…


A little something Sunday

Daily Quote:

Love is a reflex quote

from Pinterest 

When you find the joy in every day, you learn to love life in an entirely different way.

…that came out wayyy more poetic than I intended.

Music of the Moment:

“Auld Lang Syne” – Mairi Campbell and Dave Francis

I shared this song last year with my holiday playlist, and is still one of my favorite holiday songs. If you forget that it’s kinda depressing, you’ll hear how beautiful of a song it really is.

Weekly Workouts:

My workout ADD is kicking in again, and started the 21 Day Fix workouts this week. I’ve actually been enjoying them much more than BBG since they are challenging, but not so much that I dread each and every moment of them.


Link Love


10 Minute Caramel Apple Baked BrieGimme Some Oven

Do I REALLY have to sell you on this one? Maybe I won’t actually. More brie for me. 🙂

One Pot Chickpea Tiki MasalaMaking Thyme For Health

This seems soo warm and comforting when you’re burnt out on turkey and chicken noodle soup….or you eat neither, cuz this ish is vegan and GF.

Sugar Cookie Hot ChocolateHalf Baked Harvest

Why bake cookies, when you can just make one into a cuppa hot cocoa! As Tieghan says, this is simply Christmas in a mug.

How to Make a Healthy Hot ToddyTeaspoon of Spice

I LOVE a good hot toddy to warm up on a cold, snowy night, and these fun twists on them will definitely be making an appearance in my house this season.


3 Ways to Invest in Yourself & Why You ShouldDiary of an Ex-Sloth

Especially during this time of year, we can forget to take care of ourselves when we’re making sure we’ve got everyone checked off on our lists. Add yourself to that list, and everyone will prosper.

How I Finally Overcame My Late Night Snacking HabitIn It 4 the Long Run

A great read for anyone that’s dealt with healing a bad relationship with food, or are trying to adopt a more intuitive eating practice.

What Does “Balance” Really Mean?The Healthy Maven

“Balance is not something that you are, it is something that you constantly try to achieve…” 

LOVE this, and the ayurvedic practice!

Does Gluten Cause Leaky Gut Syndrome?Authority Nutrition

For any of those wondering if they should go gluten-free for gut health, you’ll want to give this a read first.



9 Ways to Improve Your Instagram FeedKhoollect

Great and approachable tips if you’re lookin’ to up your IG game. All 4 the likes!

#BuildYourChallenge: Why a Challenge WorksJadah Sellner

Why creating a challenge may be well more worth it than simply an e-book to grow your readership and subscribers.

How to Blog When Your Time is LimitedThe Work At Home Wife

Especially during the holidays, time can be limited. Giving your blog just a fraction of it can still help it thrive if you do it right.

Daily Blogging ChecklistAmuse Your Bouche

Daily checklists help keep me on track and get ‘ish done. Blogging isn’t excluded either!


From the Blog:

WIAW: Crunch Bar for Breakfast

12 Holiday Desserts That Actually Aren’t Cookies

Time Hop:

This time 2 years ago I …

Christmas Butter Cookies

…was chowing down on my favorite holiday cookies. Good thing I have a holiday cookie jar of my own now to fill with these!

The 12 Days of Giving starts tomorrow! Be sure to use the hashtag #12DaysGivingSN and share what you’re giving each day, or follow along in my giving journey!


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