A Little Somethin’ Sunday #5

Howdy friends!

I’m popping in for some Sunday lovin’ while you sip your coffee or tea, relax on the porch, kill time while waiting for brunch. I’m here to serve the public!


A little something Sunday

Daily Quote:


from Pinterest

I know, I know. I’m as basic as a Hane’s white tee. But I’ll take the crisp air, warm sun, and leaves over the kinda-sorta warm, but there’s still snow on the ground, and I just want summer feelings of spring.

Music of the Moment:

“How Deep Is Your Love” -Calvin Harris

This is my latest running jam. Besides the fact that it makes me want to break out in dance mid-run, it always makes me push a little bit harder through those hills.

Link Love:


Pumpkin Smoothie BowlThe Almond Eater

This is too easy not to get my basic white girl on and be in heaven right at 7AM. Team pumpkin errday.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Pancake BreadCotter Crunch

I feel like Ms. Cotter ends up on this list almost..maybe even every time, and that should tell you something. Girl knows what she’s doin’.

10 Simply Genius Ways to Use a BlenderPinch of Yum

I never thought of compost or whipped cream would go in blender. Genius indeed.

8 Ways To Get the Most Flavor Out of Your Chicken Breasts – Fit Foodie Finds

Say goodbye to dry and flavorless chicken-town, and hello to tender, moist, and amazing…ville.


Why the Internet Should Not Always Be Trusted For Dieting AdviceHuffington Post

I’m here. On the internet. Telling you to not believe everything you read on the internet. Now which one do you listen to?!


3 Tips For Better Nutrition At the Movie TheaterSnacking In Sneakers

Or you could be like me and break the movie theater law by sneaking in your own stovetop popcorn mixed with raisinettes in your giant purse. Just don’t blame me if they get confiscated. 😉


What Bloggers Need To Do To Plan Ahead For the HolidaysThe SITS Girls

Pretty much, bloggers need to act like every box store out there, and start planning for the holidays before they’re even a sparkle in St. Nick’s eyes.

10 Best Podcasts to Take Your Blog to the Next LevelFantastique Designs

I have a love affair with podcasts, which are mostly diet/nutrition related, but these would be a nice change and come in handy for leisurely weekend walks. 

How To Find Motivation When You Hit a Blogging PlateauThe SITS Girls

Guess I could have used this on Friday. That’s what you get when you plan your posts a whopping day before. Or hours. Or as I’m writing it. I’m great at blogger rules.

From the Blog:

Mason Jar Paleo Chili & Cornbread

WIAW: That Time I Ate Two Salads

Friday Favorites #2

Time Hop:

This time six months ago I….


Trying out meat for the first time in almost 9 years. You can find out why I made the plunge in this post.


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Make it a great day!

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