A Little Somethin’ Sunday #4

Morning folks!

Sunday posts are going strong! Here we are for the fourth entry to a little something I like to call fittingly enough..


A little something Sunday


Daily Quote:

let it go quote

a la Pinterest

This goes along with the tune I picked for today all about letting go. Negative thoughts don’t serve you. Feel how you want to feel about yourself and accept it, no matter how many pounds you think you have to lose, or how many crunches you think you have to do for a nice set of abs. Positive thoughts become positive things. Plus I thought the picture was cute. 🙂

Music of the Moment:

“Let It Go” – James Bay

Thank you itunes for continuing to release free music. You save me the hassle of finding new artists to fall in love with. Exhibit James. I happily get this song stuck in my head 8 days a week, giving me another excuse to put it on repeat.


Link Love:


Pumpkin Bites with Maple GlazePinch of Yum

Because pumpkin-palooza turns down for no one. Especially when sporting a drizzle of maple. You’re welcome.

Zucchini Noodle Frittata with Swiss Chard – Uproot From Oregon 

I’m getting the last of the summer zucchini fix before roots and squashes dominate my kitchen. Plus, everyone knows that spiralized veggies are far more superior than a mere chop. 

Homemade Baked Gluten Free UncrustablesCotter Crunch

I dated a guy the summer before college, who I would listen to indie bands, and eat frozen uncrustables on a parking lot picnic table with. If that’s not true love….yeah actually it’s not. Unless we’re still talking about uncrustables.


7 Tips For a Healthy Relationship with Food The Lean Green Bean

I love each and every one of these tips. After counting calories for years, I am now aiming to listen to and respect my body. Oreos and quinoa included.

Why We Must Protect Healthy Dietary Guidelines From Political InterferenceHuffington Post

Even more reason why Michael Pollan hit it right on the head. Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. At least we’re making progress!

Cage-Free or Free Range: Egg Labels ExplainedBack To Her Roots

I have a love affair with eggs. What I’m not so head over heels for is how difficult it is for the average egg-goer to decipher all of the jargon out there for which kind to buy. Cassie does a great job weeding out the guess work.

Confidence with an Asterisk – Snack Therapy

We’re constantly told that confidence is key, but almost always is followed by rules and fine print of what you SHOULD have to be confident. Eff that. Werk it gurl.


How To Use HootSuitePeace, Love, & Oats

Hootsuite has been a lifesaver for me when it comes to sharing and scheduling not only my own content, but all the other great posts and reads out there. If you’re new to the hoot game, Katie has a great walk through to get you ready.

10 Reasons You Should Be Writing List PostsThe SITS Girls

The title pretty much proves there point right from the start. Let me add that to the “10,0000 things I need to add to my blog to-do list” post.


At Home Dumbbell WorkoutPeanut Butter Fingers

Unlike Julie, I didn’t just have a gorgeous baby, but I am a lover of dumbbells and home workouts. Mainly because I can perform a workout in pajama bottoms and a sports bra and be totally cool with it.

Clock Out Knock Out Boot Camp WorkoutSnacking in Sneakers

If the name of this one doesn’t sell you, the fast and furious “stations” will. Just grab some resistance bands and a watch and you’re ready!

Sculpted Superset WorkoutNutrition Nut on the Run

On top of home dumbbell workouts in PJ pants, I LOVE supersets. They’re super quick and super effective. They’re just plain super.

From the Blog:

What I Ate At Blog Brulee

2015 Blog Brulee Review

Time Hop:

This time last month I was…


Biting into my Satay Chicken Salad Sandwich. Is it bad that I’m envious of my past self? Guilty. As. Charged.


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Make it a great day!


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