A Little Somethin’ Sunday #25

Happy Valentine’s Sunday friends!

I’ve been k.o’ed to the couch for yet another weekend, but at least vodka isn’t to blame this time around. Just the humble flu…because that’s SOO much more enjoyable. At least me and HGTV have become BFF’s through all of this.

But enough about me, let’s get some reading in!


A little something Sunday

Daily Quote:

positive change quote

from Pinterest 

Which one will you be doing today?

Music of the Moment:

“In Time (Singularity Remix)” – PeaceTreaty

Can’t. Take. Off. Repeat. And when I do, it’s stuck in my head, forcing me to listen to it anyways. Catch the bug!

Link Love


Pizza QuicheimmaEATthat

Can we all agree how epic-ally delicious this idea is?! No words…

7 Tips for Sticking to Your Grocery BudgetUproot Kitchen

I have quite a similar grocery budget, so following these tips are exactly what I follow to keep from going overboard on peanut butter filled and chocolate covered everythings.

Shrimp Summer Rolls with Peanut Hoisin Dipping SauceSkinnyTaste

This is one thing I always get when going out for Thai food, and looking at Gina’s pictures are enough persuasion to attempt them on my own.

Green Juice CocktailDietitian Debbie Dishes

For when you want your healthy glow and buzz at the same time. This is pretty much hangover resistant, right?



5 Stress-Busting Yoga Poses You Can Do At Your DeskHuffington Post

For all you fellow desk job-ers, giving your tush and brain a break can help you reset and actually be more productive.

What To Do When You Only Have 20 Minutes to Work OutThe Fitnessista

No matter whether you’re looking for cardio, strength, core, or all three, Gina has a workout that will leave you with no excuses for not killing it in 20 minutes.

How Overthinking Ruins YouThe Foodie Dietitian

Why you should get more KISS in your life, and I’m not talking the Gene Simmons variety.

What is Healthy?Avocado a Day Nutrition

Just like love, I think everyone has their own definition of what healthy means to them. Sidenote: I need an RD T-Swift girl squad STAT.


How to Make Your Images Pinterest-readyThe Almond Eater

I am slowly but surely revisiting a lot of my recipes to make them pin-worthy, and have definitely seen an increase in traffic because of it. These tips are all you need to up your in game.

10 Tips to Create an Awesome Blog Content CalendarSagan Morrow

It’s hard to believe that even a creative genius like myself can get stuck in a blogging rut from time to time. Having an editorial calendar (like my scratch of paper) is a big help when I struggle to hit the finger to keyboard.

Fix These Overlooked SEO Opportunities in 10 Minutes FlatKaty Widrick

Yes, you can be a SEO jedi master in less time than it takes to troll your instagram feed. We both know you need a breather from that black hole anyways.

From the Blog:

WIAW: That Time I Gave Up Coffee

14 Valentine’s Day Recipes to Treat Yo Self With

Time Hop:

This time 3 months ago I …

Cranberry Apple Sangria Recipe -- A delicious cocktail that's perfect for Thanksgiving. Tastes like Fall in a glass!

was sippin’ sippin’ on a tall glass of Cranberry Apple Sangria. Oh, to be that young again.

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