A Little Somethin’ Sunday #10

Morning friends!

I may be in a peanut butter cup and Greased Lighting coma at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I’ll miss my Sunday morning coffee and favorite reads!


A little something Sunday


Daily Quote:



Some great philosopher, aka me wrote those words since I couldn’t find a Marilyn Monroe or Oscar Wilde quote to fit exactly what I wanted to say on Pinterest. My brain is always going in a million different directions with things that I want to do, that I often end up running around in circles to where I started.

I have to remember that small steps lead to big changes, and do far more than never taking the chance at all. If you make a mistake, you learn. If you make it big, you have my inspiring words to thank. I welcome any donations.


Music of the Moment:

“Just Ask” – Lake Street Dive


Seeing these and Grace Potter this summer was ah-mazing, and Rachael’s voice melts my soul into a puddle of envy. This has always been up there on the favorites list.


Link Love:



Spaghetti Squash Burrito BowlsCookies & Kate

I have a soft spot for anything in a bowl. Ice cream. Chili. Burrito..bowls. And this spaghetti squash version is simply genius.

Healthy Vegetarian Quinoa ChiliPeas & Crayons

If you read my dietitian confessions, you’d know I’m pretty anti-quinoa. The way Jenn added it to one of my favorite meals may actually fool myself into liking it.

5 Minute Kale PestoPinch of Yum

Kale is so in this season, and I’m convinced that putting pesto on just about anything deems it worthy of the Gods.

Peanut Butter Apple SauceImmaEatThat

This is in fact my fall spirit food. I always eat peanut butter and apple slices, but never thought of it in applesauce. Kylie is a super genius.



How To ACTUALLY Walk 10,000 Steps A DayMindBodyGreen

Hitting 10k on my FitBit is a daily goal for me, which I’m able to come close to…most days. Every little step helps! I’m just too much sometimes…

Meat & Cancer: Hammering At the MemoHuffington Post

I’m sure you’ve heard the latest nutrition breaking-the-internet news about how processed meat is in fact the devil himself. When in reality, this isn’t any real news at all. Michael Pollan’s famous quote is still my stance, and is always a good rule of thumb: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. 

How Chronic Illness Helped Me Take Back My Control Over FoodClean Eating Veggie Girl

It may take chronic pain, or simply a mind-shift to reach a good place with food again. Hannah’s words may be just the push you need.



9 Ways To Start Treating Your Blog Like A BusinessThe Nectar Collective

Yes, blogging and business can be used in the same sentence. Blogging is a lot of the time a full-time commitment, so why not treat it as such?

How to Write an Email Newsletter That Gets NoticedThe SITS Girls

There’s more to email than your latest blog post. Newsletters are a great way to connect, deliver, and grow with your readers.

50 Can’t-Miss Social Media Tips for Bloggers – The Work at Home Wife

Everything you want and need to know about every social media outlet. A one stop shop for being a social media Yoda. Read and learn you must.


From the Blog:

Pumpkin Dirt Pie
WIAW: A Tale of Two Chickens
12 Scary Good Desserts for Halloween


Time Hop:

This time a week ago I…


Siggi's Yogurt Giveawaydiscovered Spiced Apple Siggi’s existed, and am never looking back.


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