I’ve Got Blends in Low FODMAP Places

Happy Friday!

And a very happy Friday at that, since in less than 12 hours I will be reunited with my long lost roomie from Alabama!



I haven’t seen this gal since my dietetic internship 2 years ago, but have kept in touch through monthly snail mail playlists, sarcastic texts, and skype dates. How good it will be to reignite our snarky shenanigans if only for a weekend.


Before we set off to do all things Maine-related, I wanted to recap the second half of my awesome weekend. Let’s call it the pre-gaming before fangirling happened.


Just like last year, I lost my gluten again. And dairy. And soy. And half of my sanity.


Being on the low-FODMAP diet has not been awful, but just a little more restrictive. I’m no stranger to reading ingredients lists so that was no biggy. It’s just the fact that….well pizza exists.



Which is why I thought it only appropriate and helpful to attend the GFAF Expo again, this time in Worcester.



Since it’s an expo for all things allergen-friendly, a lot of the foods I am avoiding coincided with a lot of the common allergens (wheat, soy, dairy).


And of course I had to bring my GF GF with me.


IMG_1272.PNGShe was my ticket in to T-Swift after all ūüėČ

Not only did I walk away with a bag full of swag, (especially from our generous sponsor Massel), but got to make tons more blends, even a fellow RD!


IMG_1178.JPGThis year’s turnout was so much bigger than I remember. One of the gals even said that the Worcester show was more popular than the home base of Chicago!

Us New Englanders know how to rock out with our gluten out. Especially with more party-sized bags of chips.


IMG_1274.PNGWhile I didn’t get to try as many samples, mainly because of my dairy avoidance, there was still plenty for me to stuff my face with. Sushi. Hard Cider. Peanut Butter made from peas. And did I mention sushi?

It was great to see such a turnout, meet some amazing people




and not have to grocery shop for another two weeks.



Thanks again GFAF Expo!

Do you have any food allergies?

Have you ever been to a food expo?

Disclaimer: I received a free entry to the GFAF Worcester Expo as an official blogger. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.




WIAW & FanGirling

Morning friends!

Pull up your bootstraps and buckle in for What I Ate Wednesday!


Fangirl style.



Besides trick or treating at the GFAF Expo, Saturday was like the best day EVER for me, and about 59,998 fangirls..and like the two dads that got dragged along.



Not even ashamed that I had half a voice even on Monday.




A little ashamed I spent $13 on a cup of lemonade with a splash of vodka in it.



Tay tay sure knows how to put on a show, and by the looks of it. She’ll be taking over the world one diet coke and ked wearing basic girl at a time.



And let me just share my thanks for Trader Joe’s and Hannah for allowing this romantic dinner to happen before the hanger set in.



I just about ate some Romaine lettuce and an entire package of grilled chicken straight out of the package. On a fork. In a parking lot. I don’t see what the problem here is.


But let’s get back to our regularly scheduled eats!




You know what they say, the bigger the bowl the bigger the….

IMG_1254.PNGspoon. And pile of dirty dishes in the sink.

1/3 cup oats // 1 scoop protein powder // 1/2 tbsp chia seeds

Followed up with some low FODMAP-friendly fruit. Oh Apples, where art thou?





I wish I could share something more exciting than the usual

IMG_1253.PNGSalad and fruit for lunch. I did make my own Dijon dressing to throw you for a loop though. You better watch out, because I might even throw some sunflower seeds next week! I’ll keep you in suspense. :)




IMG_0921.PNGRecycled photo, because the real Mocha Protein Bites are camera shy, and run into my mouth before I can even stop them.



I had a quick dinner with some of my best Friends.


IMG_1252.PNGWho happen to be named Monica, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Ross, and Phoebe. What are the chances?!

2 fried eggs/ raw collards // steamed zucchini // sriracha mustard

And a little snack from my GF grab bag.


IMG_1251.PNGI may have cheated, and already ate the Cheddar flavor. No lie, straight up SmartFood. Dressed as Buddah.


And just because we cute.




Make it a great day!

What’s your favorite T Swift song?

What’s your least favorite meal of the day? Lunch. Bo-ring.

Currently 7.24.15

Hey folks! It’s another Friday and fun-filled weekend pour moi! I was originally going to post something super informative, but I couldn’t contain the excitement in store that I just had to share it for this edition of Five Things Friday!



And I love doing the¬†currently¬†thing, so there’s that.


Current Eats.


Soon to be all the gluten & allergen free things! This Saturday is the GFAF Expo in Worcester that I am an official blogger for again this year. This comes at a perfect time since the low FODMAP diet has cut out wheat, dairy, and soy, which are some of the most common allergens.

Hooray for hoarding more Sriracha chips! You can find my recap of last year here.

Current Triumph

I finally got a bloom on my Hibiscus plant!


Maybe I’m not such a bad plant mom after all!

..Except now all the leaves are falling off and turning yellow. Such false hope.

Current Downfall

Feeling comfortable in my skin.


That just sounds so much more creepy when I typed it out. Just call me Buffalo Bill from now on…

But really, I feel like I’ve fallen off track with my nutrition and exercise game, leaving me feeling like a fluffier version of myself. Sure I got the self love for who I am, but not feeling like myself has been tugging at me.

I’m hoping 10k training will spark a new start, but for the moment I am focusing on my health, both mentally and digestively. Because that’s a word. Hopefully I’ll find out what the biggest culprits are to my bloat pregnancies soon, and cross my fingers apples aren’t one of them!



Current Fitness

After volunteering for the Shipyard Half, I finally got the itch to train for another race!


Just not a half. I’ve never tackled a 10k before, and after finding the Power of She 10k in October, I decided it was destined to be my race this year. Plus it gives me the 12 weeks I need to start training since my runs have been few and far to come by.

Especially since I only seem to want to run when it’s hot as the sun’s surface or freezing rain.


Current Excitement

Not only is this lovely lady accompanying me to the GFAF Expo, but we’re going to this cute little concert in the park, otherwise known as

TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I’m just a teensy bit over the gosh darn moon about it. I’ll try to keep cool for the next five minutes though.

Make it a great day!

What’s the best concert you’ve been to?

Any plans for the weekend?