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Ultimate 90s Playlist.


Happy Wednesday Duuudes!


And what a wonderful Wednesday it is. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. And it’s only 6:30 in the morning! It’s a curse I’m this chipper this early. Why can’t I simply be tired and miserable before coffee?!


Since I’m in a music mood after seeing Keith this weekend. I’m going to Cut + It + Out on the WIAW post for today and bring you back to a simpler time. A time where skip-its replaced cell phones. And everything was written in glitter gel pens. And I was destined to be the white female version of Flavor Flav…



Yeahhhhh Boiiii!!


Yeah I’m talking about the 90s, baby! Technically I just made the cusp of being an 80s child, but my life definitely revolved around Spice Girls, Clarissa Explains It All, and Gushers.



Throwing out those Spice Girl gang signs. Girl Power 4 Lyfe!

I always think, “oh yeah the 90s. That was only like 10 years ago.”

Aannnttt. Wrong! We’re talkin’ more like 20 sista. You’re not 14 no mo. Womp. Womp.



I’ve changed up my exercise routine yet again (big surprise) to focus more on a lot of walking mixed with high intensity/short duration workouts. Here’s roughly what my week’s worth looks like:


Monday: 15-20 minute Tabata Circuit

Tuesday: 60 minute walk or bike ride

Wednesday: 20 minute Sprint Intervals (4 min. warm-up,3o sec. all out sprint, 90 sec walk x 8)

Thursday: Kettlebells & Eccentric Training

Friday: 60 minute walk or 30 minute jog

Saturday: Kettlebells & Eccentric Training

Sunday: Yoga + walk or jog


Now I say roughly. This schedule changes by the minute, but just to give you an idea about what workouts I’m into now. 2 days of weights. One day of sprints. And walks most days if possible. And when I feel the need to jog it out to de-stress or because I’m feeling it I do. Sprints on the other hand, SUCK. In a good way though. You only have to run like Ryan Gosling is holding the last jar of peanut butter in the world for 30 seconds at a time. Sounds easy right?




I think there’s more sweat than hair behind that headband.


So what’s a girl to do with the lackluster (rhymes with Blockbuster. Remember that gem?!) choice of tunes out there? Yeah you guessed it. 90s.


And I’ve here to share the tunes that will pump you up and knock you down at the same time because now you feel old as hell. How is this “old school” now?! You mean Spice Girls and Hanson are going to be “oldies” soon?! Blasphemy.





“Tubthumping” -Chumbawamba

“Jump Around” -House of Pain

“Whoomp! (there it is)” -Tag Team

“Men In Black” -Will Smith

“Show Me Love” -Robin S.

“Be My Lover” -La Bouche

“I Like To Move It (Erick “More” Club Mix)” -Reel to Real

“C’mon ‘N Ride It (the train)” – Quad City DJs

“Boom Boom Boom” -Outhere Brothers

“Ready To Go” -Republica

“1-2-3-4 (sumthin’ new)” -Coolio


Or you can hop over to Spotify for the playlist.


I think Richard Simmons is going to be “Sweatin’ to the 90s” pretty soon.


I boogied on down even when I was a youngin’. I think I was born with dancin shoes.




And that’s how I got married at age 6. Married to my tap shoes that is. For a year then we broke up so I could be with my true love of shoes with wheels built into them. Remember those?! Sooo kewl.


But don’t let that innocent face fool you. I could keep those feet movin and bottles poppin’ all night until I eventually passed out wherever I felt like it.




Party animal.





Heading to the beach for the last bit of Summer and fresh lobster? Check out my post on Everything You Need to Know About Lobster to learn the best way to pick, cook, and eat one!

Make it a great day!

What’s your favorite decade of music?

Who was your favorite singer of the 90s? Spice Girls!

Smokin’ The Urb.


Hey friends!

Gah! Can you believe we are more than half way through August already?! Stop. Just stop. Confession: I haven’t even been to the beach yet. We need to rewind a bit so I can go get my lobster and boogie boarding on.


This weekend was a nice change of pace for my usual accounts of waking up at 7,  watching Food Network, and going to bed at 9. The exciting life I lead.


No, instead I had the privilege of spending the night with Mr. Keith Urban!





Thanks to my favorite blend, Allie I had my first Keith experience and it just happened to be spent 2 feet from him face. Go big or go home! Plus, I had a moment with the adorable Brett Eldredge. I guess he couldn’t pick up my invitation to come home with me from where I was standing.





While I couldn’t top Allie’s selfie with Keith, I think we came pretty close.




Okay, maybe not but we’re still pretty darn cute.


I think sacrificing drinking water, peeing, and eating I would do it all again to be this close. So worth it!



And then I recovered from reliving my teenage rampage with my typical Sunday morning fare of #epicfail pancakes.




I swapped my banana for flax to make my fav 2-ingredient pancakes which didn’t feel like flippin’. Instead I just covered it up with extra cinnamon and peanut butter. Problem solved.


After feeling some stress and just being in a bad mood I decided on an afternoon run to clear my head. While I’ve seriously taken down my mileage, running is always what I go to for de-stressing. Just me and the road….and some Katy Perry.





Then refueled with some broc and a homemade salmon burger over spinach. While it more or less turned out kinda like a salmon omelet, it was easy and delicious.





All you need is

- 1 (5 oz) can skinless, boneless salmon, drained

-1 egg

-2 tbsp almond flour



-fresh chive


Mix in a bowl and cook in frying pan over medium heat for 2 minutes each side.


And now it’s on to treat this case of the Mondays. I hear it’s going around so make sure you drink lots of coffee to help protect yourself.



Make it a great day!

What’s the best concert you’ve been to?

What did you do for fun this weekend?

Whole Foods, Dudes!


Happy Friday friends! How’s it kickin? Like a wild donkey? A baby in the womb? Did I lose you yet?


Aaaand after that awkward introduction, let’s get down with some food. But not just half foods. Or even 99.9999% foods. No. We’re talking WHOLE FOODS!





Mhmmm.  12 of us NH bloggers had the first peek into the first Whole Foods of New Hampshire before anyone! Like literally. Aside from the employees and a couple media peeps, we were the first ones allowed into the wonderful world of Whole Foods Nashua. Can I just say how much I’m in love with their color scheme first? My fav.






And let me just say NH goes big or goes home. We will be home to the first legit pub in our area. 32 beers on tap, a full restaurant, and did I mention 32 beers on tap? Yes, we are still at Whole Foods. We were joking that this would soon become the hot spot for first dates, anniversary dinners, and Sunday football games. You wait, it’s gunna happen.




We had the lovely hosts Jaimee and Katie who lead us on a tour and pointing out ways to save or things that were new for the first NH store. Like that they will be making 5 different flavors of their own tortillas. No more deli slices of cheese for a snack. How about a hot flippin’ tortilla!





We talked a lot about Whole Foods’ core values and how they drive every single product they make or sell. Some of those are that they don’t make or sell anything with trans fats, artificial flavors or colorings, or preservatives. They bring in as much local products as possible as well whenever possible. From the organic cut flowers to the beers on tap. Sorry, I just can’t get over that.




And can we point out how EMPTY the produce section is? I was actually really happy that it was. The grand opening isn’t until Tuesday so it was nice to see that the produce was going to be super fresh and not sitting out for 6 days beforehand.

Did you know that WF has the largest selection of organic produce of any grocer in the US? Cuz I sure didn’t. So when you’re looking for that organic dandelion root or any other obscure plant food, I suggest WF be your first stop.


I didn’t pay much mind to the meat section, but for you carnivores they did have their own dry aging section where you could see the meat curing, and also a clock that tells you what times they are freshly grinding meat (twice daily I might add.) I did love the sustainable seafood they had and the fact that you can ask them to marinate it for you for only $1! I would so utilize that since I can never pick what to marinate with.




Are you as hell no, GMO! as I am? By 2018, ALL products in WF will be labeled as such to help you pick products with no GMOS and also give incentive for companies to think twice about using GMOS if they want to sell at Whole Foods. If you want to learn more about what GMOS actually are, or what WF is doing about it, you can check out some great articles here.



And let’s not forget the awesome swag bag we got to go home with. This puts any birthday party goodie bag to shame.




From pancake mix to probiotics. We got a little bit of everything. The main thing I loved about this was that I knew I wouldn’t have to scour the ingredients list for anything I didn’t want to eat (trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, etc.) since it’s already built into their core values. Here’s some of my fav items that were in there.




Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Rosemary Tealights.

Would these not be perfect for a Sunday night bubble bath?! Although I may just fall asleep right there in the tub. Plus their from Vermont ;)




Rescue Stress Relief Gum.

Are you a nervous chewer like me? How about saving some pen cap and carrot lives and switch to something that will actually calm me down by chewing?! I’m anxious to see how it works. Anxious?! Oh god, I should try one right now….




And this cute little card that reminded me of my roomie in Bama. We always had this quote hanging on our fridge. Miss you roomie, Betty Rocker!



So while Whole Foods has this image of being what us New Englanders like to say.. wicked expensive, it doesn’t have to be. I always thought that buying all my groceries from Whole Foods would be impossible, and living the joke of Whole Foods = Whole Paycheck, but after hearing more about all the ways you can save I really think anyone on any budget can work on getting better quality foods into their lifestyles, whatever that may be. Just some of the ways you can save are:

Buying the Whole Foods store brand (365 Everyday)

Taking advantage of “Madness” or “1 Day Only” sales, and stocking up on items.

Buying items in bulk.

Switch organic items one at a time.


No one says you have to go whole (organic, pasture-raised) hog in the organic world to eat better. Start with one item like fruits or beef. Right now for me, I am making a commitment to buy local eggs, and wild caught fish, but don’t focus too much on buying all my produce organically.


I learn more from experience so you will be sure to hear about how my first Whole Foods experience goes once it opens, which is Tuesday, August 19th for you NH folks! And right after I have a beer. At Whole Foods.


Thanks again to the lovely folks at Whole Foods Nashua! Be sure to check them out on Facebook as an easy way to stay in on new events and sales!



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Make it a great day!

Do you shop at Whole Foods?

Can you believe they have a pub?!

*Disclaimer: I received a free tour and samples in exchange for this post. No other compensation was received. All thoughts and opinions are as always my own.*