WIAW: The Green Monster

Wake-y Wake-y!

Kenya smell it? Yeah, that right there. You know what that is?

No no, it’s not the crisp, cool air of a season changing, a day beginning, a dawn breaking.

It’s the scent you get when you crack open a fresh can of WIAW first thing in the morning.

And maybe coffee. Actually, I’m positive it’s coffee.


After waking up earlier than my alarm after going to bed LATER than usual, I decided it was the right time to straighten my hair for the first time in probably 4 months. No matter how many times it tries to persuade you, humidity is NOT your friend.

But breakfast…breakfast definitely is your friend. Like BFF-style. Breakfast 4 Lyfe.

Spinach & mushroom frittata topped with guac & green drink [ spinach, green tea, Myprotein Nutrigreens, chia seeds]

Now this isn’t the first time the green machine has taken over WIAW. It all goes back to my motto, “Eat something green at every meal”

….and mint chocolate chip ice cream doesn’t count. :)


The madness didn’t stop at breakfast though.

Tofu & green bean stir fry leftovers // steamed carrots & guac

Maybe my meals are trying to hint at what I should be for Halloween this year.


The Green Goblin.

A Green Smoothie.

I’ve always wanted to be a sexy glass of spirulina and almond milk for Halloween.



A late afternoon snack was eaten in my car before one of my nutritious classes with the kiddos, and right after I got my first parking ticket. Womp. Womp.

Granny smith apple // pb

I seriously couldn’t even plan this many green foods in a day if I like really tried. It’s like the universe is telling me all my food is jealous of me.

..and if you didn’t catch that Amy Schumer reference, you need to watch this first.


After enjoying one of the veggie English muffin pizzas we made in class, I wasn’t as arm-gnawing ravenously hungry as usual when I got home, so eventually pulled together something resembling a meal.

A tuna “melt” with guac on cinnamon raisin bread because I’m weird, and unmelted cheese because I hate the texture…and I’m double weird. Alongside some pepper strips and Dijon, well because I needed something green. You can’t go all day on the green gravy train, and not follow through.

Thanks for hosting Jenn!

Make it a great day!

There’s still time to get your hands on some awesome running gear from SLS3! Enter to win on Friday’s post!

If you could only eat foods of all one color, which would you choose? Brown because of PB and Coffee!

What’s one thing you try to eat at every meal?

Simple Cinnamon Ginger Apple Crisp

This simple apple crisp recipe is studded with candied ginger & cinnamon and is vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and only dirties one bowl!


Simple Cinnamon Ginger Apple Crisp Recipe -This simple apple crisp recipe is studded with candied ginger & cinnamon, and only dirties one bowl! #glutenfree #vegan #dairyfree


Hi frands!

It’s sure starting to finally feel like fall around these parts. Nothing says autumn quite like a chill in the air, the first bite of a fresh picked apple, aaaand sleeping with the lights on all weekend.




Okay, maybe not ALLL weekend.

I may be a scary movie buff, but the only way I’m watching them alone is in the middle of the day, and immediately followed by binge watching anything involving animated talking animals. A girl’s gotta sleep at some point.

Especially when you’re last long run of 10k training is the following morning! I usually get my runs in later on in the day, but wanted to get a feel for how race day would be, so went for the starting time of 9 AM. Fueled by coffee, a couple scrambled eggs with a tiny bit of cheese, and a banana with cinnamon and sunflower seeds instead of my usual pb. That’s what I get for not grocery shopping.

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A Little Somethin’ Sunday #6

Happy Sunday loves!

I’m off for my last long run before the Power of She 10k next weekend! In the meantime, enjoy another morning of my favorite reads of the moment.

A little something Sunday


Daily Quote:

hobbies quotefrom Pinterest

Now if I could only make millions creating recipes with peanut butter while running I’d be golden.

Music of the Moment:

“Someone New” – Hozier

Hozier’s croons are the perfect backdrop for a crisp and sunny fall day spent with the one you love…or cleaning your apartment in yesterday’s sweat pants. You know, the romantic stuff.


Link Love:



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The Ultimate Healthy Apple Recipe Roundup (RD Approved) Eats Real Food

I can never get enough ways to get my apple fix, and let’s just say bloggers know their way around a McIntosh…yours truly included. 😉



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It may be a promotion for pads, but at least it encourages you to watch a lot more Parks & Rec and a lot less Marley & Me. 

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Time Hop: 

This time two years ago I…

Color Me Radwas running the Color Me Rad 5k with Papa John. Guess this time of year is my time for races!

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