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Sinful Nutrition - Where every veggie has a dark side

WIAW, Winter Glow, & Tiny Tim.


Happy wacky-inflatable-air-flailing-tube-man Wednesday!!



It’s official. In a made up, just go with it, because intros are awkward anyways kinda way. Now where’s your spirit?!




That’s more like it.


My choco calender reminded me that there’s only 8 itty bitty days and stocking shaped chocolate left til Christmas. Is it just me, or do the days & weeks drag on until suddenly it’s 5 months later and your in a different age category now. Just me? Awesome.





In the spirit of the season, my 12 Days of Giving continues where I double-dosed my giving in the form of gingerbread lattes and an extra tip for the barista.




I opted for some regular coffee with a pump of gingerbread syrup, which was even too sweet for me, but festive…And that hiatus off of caffeine didn’t last too long. Saw that one coming.


Workouts have taken swan dive after the half and a crippling leg injury, which is still lingering. I’ve finally taken the pro re-active approach and started stretching and foam rolling in hopes that I won’t be stuck playing the role of Tiny Tim the rest of my adult life.


Instead, I’ve focused my efforts on upper body circuits (like this one from Hillary)  with some yoga thrown into the mix after finding CrossFit-esque workouts and burpees all the more troublesome for my leg. As much as I like staying active, I have to admit it is a nice change to workout because I feel like it, rather than because I “have” to.


And no Wednesday would be complete without a day of eats!


What I Ate Wednesday Button




Managed to snap a picture of my breakfast AFTER I gulped it down in the car on the way to work. #breakfastfail

1/2 scoop protein powder, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp flax, 1 tbsp peanut butter, kale, and frozen raspberries. I still don’t qualify smoothies as real food, but wanted to save that for lunch which was..




3 hard boiled eggs over a spinach salad with a drizzle of olive oil and hot sauce. I swear there is actually more spinach than eggs despite how it looks.


Followed by an afternoon snack of celery & pb. #376 way to annoy your cubemates. Nosh on celery sticks.




Dinner was super classy, the usual salmon patty straight from the tupperware. Ain’t nobody got time for plates.


Plus a bowl fulla broccoli and a couple of carrots with pb.


Yup. Back on the carrot grind. Gotta work up that winter glow. It’s amazing how quickly my orange palms come back. I’m still waiting to here back from Mr. Wonka about a seasonal position..


Thanks to Miss Jenn for hosting! Love the new badge!


Make it a great day!

Smoothies: Love them or hate em? Loathe entirely.

Lattes? Cappuccinos? Just black? Black, never go back.





It’s beginning to look kinda-sorta-ish-a-little like Christmas.


Evvvveeerryyyy wheeeeeerre you gooooooooo!


I think I have a new holiday tune on my hands. ;)


We finally put up the tree this weekend, put out the holiday bling, and watched the Polar Express, so now it kinda feels like Christmas. Because Karen Carpenter and Mariah Carey on repeat sure as hell didn’t help.




And of course I had to let the big guy know who is REALLY the reason he needs to pay this house a visit. Just in case my 10 foot stocking and platter of cookies and spiked eggnog didn’t quite give a hint.




Sorry Rudy, but the carrots all are mine. MINE I tell ya!




…Now that my disgruntled heavy breathing has subsided, let’s get to some of the other reasons that make it feel like the holiday season! (including rhyming)


These shortbread cookies.




One of the only excuses I have for not giving up all wheat. I always remember having the crinkly paper bag of these as a kid, and are one of the few things that still taste like they did back in the day.

Granted I usually break them in half so it doesn’t feel like I’m eating a lot of them. My multiple daily trips would tell you otherwise.


The 12 Days of Giving.


This seriously puts me in the best mood. I think the world would be a better place if giving and chivalry replaced greed and selfies…I mean selfishness. Everyone wins with a few mirror pics and duck faces.


Here’s a recap of the gifts for the 12 Days of Giving so far.


Give to a family member.


My gift to MJ was cleaning the house from top to bottom. That included a long overdue purge and scrub of the freezer and fridge. That should last a good 4 days or so until the next 6 months or so when I decide to do that again.


Give to a friend.




I mailed out some gifts and postcards to distant friends to share some cheer and say how much I appreciate them. I am lucky to have so many truly kind souls in my life.


Give to child.




The original #3 gift was for a co-worker, but lucky for me I don’t work Sundays so I switched it up for a child gift. I put together a bag of goodies like coloring books, stickers, pencils, and notepads for some kiddos to have fun with. I immediately had the urge to color, finger paint, and wear stick-on earrings and pretend I had no responsibilities. #Iwontgrowup


Be sure to follow the hashtag #12DaysGivingSN on Instagram to see what I’m sharing each day, and share what your giving too!


Nana’s Fudge.




This is the highlight to my Christmas every year. For the price of some of the ingredients, Nana agreed to let me make it with her again this year. I am getting my hands on experience as much as possible so I can continue this delicious legacy. No other fudge even stands a chance.



Make it a great day!

What makes it feels like the holidays for you?

What’s your favorite way to give during the holidays?

WIAW: The 12 Days of Giving

Morning folks!


How has your week been so far?

Besides nearly crashing my car on the way into work yesterday morning due to freezing rain & black ice, you could say this week’s been pretty peachy.


It’s hard to believe there is only about 2 weeks left until Christmas! We haven’t put up our tree, no cookies have been baked, and only about half my shopping is complete. I have a feeling this weekend is going to be pretttyy much filled with holiday hooplah. Is it just me, or is hooplah a bomb-diggity word…such as bomb-diggity.




And that also means that it’s just about that time for the 12 Days of Giving!


12 Days of Giving


Last year, I decided to pay it forward, and really get into the spirit of giving, by dedicating each day from December 12th to the 24th to giving to someone. You can read my recap of all my giving last year here.


Since I enjoyed it so much,  I decided to do it again this year! I wanted to give you all a heads up just in case you wanted to join in for your own 12 Days of Giving since it starts this Friday!


Here’s the list of gift recipients I created for a guide:


12 Days of Giving List


Now a “gift” doesn’t have to be big or even a thing at all! Shoveling your neighbors driveway, sending a letter in the mail, or going for a massage all just some ways to give back this season. Every bit of giving counts!


Be sure to follow along, and if you join in use the hashtag #12DaysGivingSN and share how your giving back this holiday on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!


Now that you’re full of holiday cheer, let’s get down with some chow for Miss Jenn’s WIAW!


Peas and Crayons


Breakfast was one of Stuft Mama’s Grain Free Microwave English Muffins topped with avocado and melted coconut oil. It was a little dry for me, but nothing a little added buttah and healthy fats couldn’t handle!




Lunch was the usual, kale salad topped with cottage cheese, a little bit of olive oil, and apple cider vinegar. Recycled photos because a salad & veggies don’t really get anymore exciting to take a new picture for.




Followed up with a chopped cuke with Greek yogurt and a tablespoon of peanut butter. You would think I would eat cucumbers in the summer, ya know when they are in season. They do make for the perfect afternoon crunchy snack though.


pb popcorn ball


Dinner was also the usual salmon patty, made with old bay seasoning, but was too tired to walk the 5 feet to snap a pic. I did munch on the last scraps of my Chocolate Peanut Butter Popcorn Balls/Bars. If I were to guess what crack is like…


And the obligatory advent chocolate & cup of tea before crashing into bed at 9. I think the worse thing than going to bed so early, is waking up after 9 hours of sleeping and still being tired. #whyisthismylife


Make it a great day!

What’s your favorite way to give back during the holidays?

Should I make chocolate chip or sugar cookies this weekend?