America Runs on Steak Fajitas


Is it just me, or do long holiday weekends make Monday mornings even harder?

I’d still like to veto the 5 day work week in favor of four 10 hour days. Who’s a girl gotta talk to to make this happen?!


Originally, I had a great  sweet potato pancake recipe to share with you today….




But they weren’t up to blog par. Aka one of too small and one got burnt. I settled for a Instagram photo and called it a day. Expect a recipe next week!


Instead, I’ll share my Fourth of July weekend with you cool cats.



“I enjoyed a nice relaxing day off by swinging through Walmart. for 5 minutes.”

said no one ever.


I already had to go grocery shopping, so I figured I’d take advantage of the trip and get some things I needed there while I was out. Because if Walmart isn’t already a nuthouse, wait until the day before the fourth. Madness.

So I settled my nerves with a manicure and a bowl full of popcorn. I haven’t had stovetop popcorn in ages (because I’m 72, and can use the phrase “in ages”), but was in the mood.

The girls at work swear by adding some soy sauce to fresh popcorn, so I off course tried it. Because it’s weird. And obviously weird is good.

Served up with some coffee to power me through a night out.


IMG_0958.PNGPortland has an event called “First Friday” where all the art galleries open their doors for a gallery walk, plus a crap ton of vendors, live music, and people line the streets for a night of fun.

And you can’t spell fun with out SanFUNgria.




Since I knew the day ahead was going to be filled with shenanigans of the Patriotic variety, I started the morning off with coffee, breakfast, and a tabata workout.


IMG_0949.PNGNote my cleaning schedule on my workout board. Totally counts.

Then it was off to the races!



…Or maybe it was just the streets of Portland. I bought this hat a good 8 years ago as a joke for joining the Red Hat Society. It was the only red thing I owned so on it went. I have never gotten more compliments then I did on this $7 Walmart hat. I’m gunna just start rocking sweatpants, a grimy tanktop, and this hat and see what happens. Expect me on Vogue next month.


IMG_0950.PNGBasic firework photo.

I will say it felt like a flippin zombie apocylpse after the show was done. Just a few thousand people marched the streets in mass. What people do for coordinated explosions and fried dough.


After my rained out last attempt at running, I was determined to finally explore the Back Cove trail. Now instead of torrential downpours, I had blazing hot sun.




I made it a good 2 miles before I finally caved in and broke into a walk. I started feeling lightheaded and …how do I say…ON FIRE. While I’m usually stubborn about not taking walking breaks, it wasn’t worth passing out for. I managed the entire 3.5 miles with only a couple walk breaks, but running in the sun is still one of my least favorite climates. Gimme those overcast days pleazzz.

After showering and cleaning, I spent the day with Papa John and Lisa who came up to visit. We went out for lunch at Taco Escobar, where I of course got..


IMG_0955.PNGFajitas! If it ain’t peanut butter or carrots, fajitas are my favorite food. While they were good, they still didn’t compare to my love affair with El Colima. I could have easily eaten a gallon of that guac though.

While a new recipe didn’t exactly happen, I did manage to make one of my all-time favorites. If you haven’t tried this African Peanut Stew, you don’t know what your missing. Peanut butter that’s what, so make it snappy.



 Make it a great day!

What did you do for the Fourth of July?

Strawberry Shortcake or S’mores?

WIAW: Whatta Melon.

Salutations friends!

It’s a rainy start to the morning here in Portland, but have no fear…


PB’s here! Making days better one chunky filled spoonful at a time.

In other news, here’s a day full of WIAW eats for ya.




The day started out with the stickiest bowl of Proats. Seriously. It was like eating dry cookie dough. On the flipside, it was outrageously filling.

1/2 cup oats // 1 scoop Nature’s Food Chocolate Protein Powder // 1 tsp chia seeds // 1 tbsp pb // splash almond milk




I started teaching my first nutrition lessons to the kiddos during the summer, so I knew lunch was gunna be late. Some homemade protein oat bites did the trick.






After a hectic afternoon of summer meals, and sampling some cherries and snap peas, I dug into lunch as soon as I got back to the office. It was all gone in roughly 5 seconds. Give or take a millisecond or two, but I’m not perfect.

Tuna wrap // red pepper strips with vegetarian pate // watermelon





After seeing Megan’s post about Pizza Stir Fry, I knew I needed to try it immediately. I added some ground turkey for some added protein, and topped with sharp cheddar. I mean it is pizza after all 😉

Definitely delicious. Definitely cannot tolerate cabbage. My stomach felt like it was ready to give birth to a set of cabbage patch twins.




You know I needed something sweet afterwards before my cabbage-induced labor settled in, and watermelon it was.

Note to self: Buying a 15 lb watermelon for one person is the best way to get burnt out of the summer’s best fruit in a week.


After a late night (as in 7PM) yoga sesh, I attempted the renowned Beltsander Brownie, but with my vegan protein powder. FAIL.




It ended up more like a warm chocolate mousse, which all in all wasn’t so awful. As long as it contains chocolate and peanut butter, it’s a go.

Thanks to miss Jenn & friends for hosting!

Make it a great day!

What food are you burnt out on?

What’s the weather like where you’re from?


Quick and Easy Vegetarian Pate


A vegetarian pate that’s simple to make and packed with fiber and protein any way you spread it.


vegetarian pate recipe

Rise and shine my little nuggets of sunshine, we got some Monday to do!

Let’s make this week quick, because I also have some 4th of July-ing to do. AKA Halloween is pretty much next week. #solongsweetsummer

This weekend was one of the best for my new Mainer life to boot!



Sorry I just had to.

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