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Sinful Nutrition - Where every veggie has a dark side

6 Scary Foods You Didn’t Know You Were Eating

Good morning loves!

How we doing?


Yesterday Papa John went on our annual haunted ride. It was the perfect weather for it. Dusky and starting to rain. We take a ride through this creepy neighborhood and make up stories of zombies and camp Crystal lake.






We managed to make it out alive just in time to visit Blood Cemetery before it started to rain.




And in the spirit of all Hallows Eve, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some ghoulish eats to gross you out. I hope you aren’t eating while reading today’s post. Especially if it’s one of these foods. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.


Here’s 6 scary foods you didn’t know you were eating, that goes to show how eating ingredients you don’t recognize is a bad idea in more ways than one.



6 Scary Foods


Beetle Shells


6 Scary Foods Beetle


Beetle Juice. Beetle Juice. Beetle…Shells?


It’s commonly seen as “confectioners glaze” or carmine, but all in all it is crushed up shells of desert beetles as red food coloring in fruit juices and candies. While it might not be bad for you, I at least like to have the choice to eat beetles or not.


Rodent Hair


Not only are rats eating our food. They’re IN our food! Does that make them cannibals?

What the FDA calls “unavoidable deficits”, rodent hair is allowed in certain amounts in foods. 1 hair in every 100 grams of chocolate or 22 grams of cinnamon, and 5 in every 18 ounces of peanut butter.

Not the peanut butter!! I just about died on that one. Another reason to know your supplier. I can assure you Vermont Peanut Butter does not have rodent hair as one of their “secret ingredients”.  I will volunteer to be on the Quality Control board any day…

Beaver Anal Glands




Leave it to beaver. Castoreum or the secretions from beaver anal glands is often used for those “natural flavorings” of strawberry, raspberry, and vanilla in candies, gelatin, and pudding. Yeah. Beaver squirts. Who is the genius who thought of this?! I really don’t want to know how this was discovered…


Flame Retardant




If you needed another reason to do away with the dew, here’s one more to add to the list. Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO), a common ingredient in citrus sodas also appear in flame retardants. I guess maybe if you’re a flame swallower this might come in handy. Don’t try it at home kids.




ground beef


BRAINS!! I mean…ground beef. And processed cheese. Even cookies. All can be found with ammonia. A whooping 70% of ground beef found in the grocery store contains ammonia in the form of the pink slime that’s been floating around the news for a bit. If you’re gunna eat meat, please splurge on the grass-fed/organic variety. Or if looking at that picture alone makes you gag like me, forgo it altogether.






You still with me? Last one I promise, but it’s the worst in my opinion. Just like the rat hair, the FDA allows a certain amount of MAGGOTS and MITES in canned mushrooms. 19 maggots and 74 mites to be exact. Which reminds me of that summer Hillary and I found a maggot filled burger left on the grill..




And the reason I refuse to eat canned mushrooms. Fresh is better in this case.



This eye-opening post was on behalf of my partnership with the Vermont Peanut Butter Company for an edition of my VTPBlog. If you want to find any of my previous posts or most information on Chris and the gang, head over to my VTPB page here!




Make it a great day!

Which of these foods grossed you out the most?

What’s one food you hate? The only foods I hate (besides meat) are olives and sundried tomatoes.

WIAW + 20 Minute Tabata Workout


Hey-yo my world web friends!

Are you set for Halloween?! I was originally supposed to go down to Tennessee for a Masquerade party, but somehow work always seems to get in the way of fun. Now that I think about it, I believe I would actually be in the car more than I would be in TN. I’ll settle for a bathtub of popcorn and The Exorcist.


In the midst of my half-marathon training, I tackled a 5 mile the dark. It was amazing and scary as hell at the same time.






I’ve been trying to keep up with strength training as well, as much as I feel like taking the days in between running completely off.


I love strength training, but I get so bored so fast. It’s hard for me to tell if I am actually making any progress since I change my routine just about every other time.


Which is why I LOVE tabata workouts. 20 seconds of a$$ kicking work, followed by a 2.5 breath break. Repeat.

20 minutes and you feel like you just rescued a baby from a burning building. Okay, not like I would know how that feels, but you’ll feel pretty damn good!


In the spirit of the season, I wanted to share a 20 minute tabata workout I did on Monday. I named it the Mwahaha Tabata, which after you complete it should be reason enough to know why. Mwahahahahahhaha!



mwahaha tabata


The push ups are 5 seconds slow lower down, and 5 seconds back up.

The slow reverse leg raises are just like leg raise crunches, but you start from the top and slowly lower your legs to the ground for the entire 20 seconds.


I was a sweaty mess by the end, and questioned why I always do this to myself…and then I do it again.


And now it’s on to the food for WIAW!


What I Ate Wednesday: FALL into Good Habits



Breakfast was a couple slices of my spinach & feta frittata chowed down as I ran out the door. It’s like a portable omelet!




Then my orange once I settled in for the day. Is it just me or does peeling oranges make your hands all dry and nasty?





Lunch was a couple slices of my zucchini crust pizza eaten cold. Yes, even veggie-crusted pizza tastes better a day old and cold.




And one of my orange chocolate bites for dessert.




My afternoon snack attack was my pb cookie dough..cookie. It was pretty crumbly despite the fact that it looks baked here.





I ate dinner early when I got home since I just feel better with some real food in my belly before a run with enough time to digest before. Yet again it was one of my salmon patties done Greek style  and topped with hummus with a big pile of greens! There’s some spinach under that broccoli somewhere..





Then some roasted kabocha with pb post-run. Eaten straight from the fridge. No picture. No shame.


Thanks again to Miss Jenn for hosting!


Make it a great day!

Do you have any plans for Halloween?

What was your favorite Halloween costume? Either Cinderella or I Dream of Jeannie

I Went to the GFAF and All I Lost Was My Gluten

Glory day, it’s Monday!

I’m trying this new thing where I try to pretend I REALLY love Mondays. It’s a struggle, but my theory is it would be much easier if I awoke to the sound of






As I mentioned on Friday, I had the opportunity to attend the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo this weekend in Springfield as an Oh-ffical blogger.





I brought along my gluten-free sidekick, Hannah for her first expo..and to take ridiculous pictures with me for the day.





The expo was packed with so many great vendors and booths with gluten and allergen free foods from pizza, cookies, and Emily size bags of sriracha chips.





I got to meet more NH bloggers like Meg for me to follow and share my appreciation for pre-meal pictures and blogger probz with. Along with some celebrity guest appearances. He’s a lot more shy in person.





We ate our way until 12, when we could officially get buck wild off of free samples of GF beer and cider before our info session.



Then we sobered up in about 3 minutes to attend Bill Bradley’s talk about eating gluten-free while following a Mediterranean diet. It made me really want to travel again and bathe in a tub full of olive oil.


Then we were ready for our second round of samples including an amazing ice cream bar from So Delicious, probably a dozen samples of every variety of cookie, and some noodles made out of beans that I wasn’t a fan of. I did however manage to find my entourage there though.





It was great to meet so many RDs, food bloggers, and food peeps all in one place all sharing a love and appreciation for every diet, allergy, or intolerance. I encourage you to go if there’s one in your area. And if not, I found out they now have a monthly mail subscription box called Send Me Gluten-Free  full of JUST gluten-free goodies delivered to your doorstep! Such an easy way to find new products out there without having to scavenge the grocery aisles or read labels.


Aside from the expo, my weekend consisted of lots of meal prep and my Sunday long run. Do you know what you get when you combine 5 different recipes in the same time frame?





A war re-enactment on my kitchen counter. But it was all worth it for the meals and snacks ahead.





I ended up with the following:


-A batch of Lindsay’s Orange Chocolate Bites

-A not so successful attempt at Greek-style Salmon Patties (my usual salmon patties with spinach, onion, garlic, and oregano)

-Spinach & Feta Frittata following this recipe here

-Roasted a kabocha squash with sea salt and cinnamon

-These peanut butter cookie dough balls made into a cookie


Then an attempt at a zucchini crust pizza topped with spinach and feta.






The flavor was great, but it was a bit soggier than I had wanted, which resulted in eating with a fork. I think eating pizza with a fork is sacrilegious. I’m a fold in half kinda girl.


Cooking all that food doesn’t leave me with the biggest appetite after, but I wanted some fuel before my long run. 3 dates with some pb are now my favorite pre-run snack.




Along with a cuppa coffee while listening to a totally legal copy of T-Swift’s new album.




I started playing around with my fuel for the half  marathon which is in less than a month, eek!! With all the gu and chomps and bites and whatever other runner fuel there is out there, I choose to take the more simplistic approach.





Yup. Star mints. I played around with jelly beans which didn’t work for me. Then it was hard candy which worked perfectly. I debated between honey cough drops for a natural sugar source, but all of the bags didn’t give the sugars or carbs so I opted for peppermints instead.

My thoughts behind it is that most fuel is taken all at one time, or having to take them multiple times in smaller doses. With an iffy stomach already, the threat of upset with a big dump of sugar ruled out the gels for me. The mints are made with glucose syrup instead of high fructose corn syrup (YAY!) so I see it as a steady state of sugar in small doses to avoid stomach upset, but still give me carbs. Plus peppermints make me feel so fresh and so clean, clean.





I had the first mint at about 40 minutes in, and found it to be a little too big to fit in my cheek like I did with the other hard candies, but not unbearable. With only 1.5 miles left when I finished it, I found I didn’t need the second one.

While I was really looking to finish in under 2 hours, my average pace is telling me this is probably unrealistic. I know your first half goal should be just to finish, but I’m a numbers gal so I’m settling for a more realistic par 2:30 time. I’m hoping more speedwork will put me closer to the 2 hour mark though.


Well that’s enough of my weekend rambling for now. Catch ya later, dudes!


Make it a great day!

How do you eat your pizza?

What’s one fun thing you did this weekend?

Disclaimer: I was provided with two free passes to attend the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo in exchange for this post. All thoughts are my own.