Five Things Friday 02.27.15

Rootin’ tootin’ morning friends!

TGI-flippin F!

This has felt like the loooooongest week, which can probably be blamed on the fact that we finally had a break from the snowmageddon snowcalypse of 2015. Meaning the full work week of February. Once you’re spoiled with the work from home card, you play that thang like it’s your job! …Okay it is my job.


But today is Friday so that means some more alliterations and happenings for Five Things Friday!



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WIAW: Chilly Foods

Morning my sinful peeps!

How are we doing? Hanging in there? Let me just pry my frozen little nubs off the keyboard for a second since Mother Nature officially hates New England (for winning the Super Bowl, that Seahawks fan)




When it snows, it melts under glorious sunshine, then freezes into a solid sheet of ice. I bet Ms. Nature just gets a kick out of watching people slip. You nasty girl!

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{2 Ingredient} Frozen Hot Chocolate

This 2 ingredient frozen hot chocolate is a quick and easy way to get your sweet fix, with only 100 calories per serving!


hot chocolate ice cream

Morning friends!

Whadda weekend! Saturday I spent the day feeling like the biggest kid WITH the biggest kid, Papa John.




Oh man, did I have fun. On a serious note, no one who lives in New England should have a gym membership. Just find a hill and climb through two feet of snow a few times. It will put that stairmaster that you pretend to know how to use to shame.


After a couple more inches of snow overnight, Sunday turned into a heatwave!

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