WIAW: Whatta Melon.

Salutations friends!

It’s a rainy start to the morning here in Portland, but have no fear…


PB’s here! Making days better one chunky filled spoonful at a time.

In other news, here’s a day full of WIAW eats for ya.




The day started out with the stickiest bowl of Proats. Seriously. It was like eating dry cookie dough. On the flipside, it was outrageously filling.

1/2 cup oats // 1 scoop Nature’s Food Chocolate Protein Powder // 1 tsp chia seeds // 1 tbsp pb // splash almond milk




I started teaching my first nutrition lessons to the kiddos during the summer, so I knew lunch was gunna be late. Some homemade protein oat bites did the trick.






After a hectic afternoon of summer meals, and sampling some cherries and snap peas, I dug into lunch as soon as I got back to the office. It was all gone in roughly 5 seconds. Give or take a millisecond or two, but I’m not perfect.

Tuna wrap // red pepper strips with vegetarian pate // watermelon





After seeing Megan’s post about Pizza Stir Fry, I knew I needed to try it immediately. I added some ground turkey for some added protein, and topped with sharp cheddar. I mean it is pizza after all šŸ˜‰

Definitely delicious. Definitely cannot tolerate cabbage. My stomach felt like it was ready to give birth to a set of cabbage patch twins.




You know I needed something sweet afterwards before my cabbage-induced labor settled in, and watermelon it was.

Note to self: Buying a 15 lb watermelon for one person is the best way to get burnt out of the summer’s best fruit in a week.


After a late night (as in 7PM) yoga sesh, I attempted the renowned Beltsander Brownie, but with my vegan protein powder. FAIL.




It ended up more like a warm chocolate mousse, which all in all wasn’t so awful. As long as it contains chocolate and peanut butter, it’s a go.

Thanks to miss Jenn & friends for hosting!

Make it a great day!

What food are you burnt out on?

What’s the weather like where you’re from?


Quick and Easy Vegetarian Pate


A vegetarian pate that’s simple to make and packed with fiber and protein any way you spread it.


vegetarian pate recipe

Rise and shine my little nuggets of sunshine, we got some Monday to do!

Let’s make this week quick, because I also have some 4th of July-ing to do. AKA Halloween is pretty much next week. #solongsweetsummer

This weekend was one of the best for my new Mainer life to boot!



Sorry I just had to.

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Five things Friday

Happy Fri-yay!

Every time I type Fri-yay, I think of fro-yo, and immediately want ice cream. At 6 AM. That would be a okay with me.

But instead, we’ll chock up some Five Things Friday instead!



Starting with the most important things…


Five Things I Ate:

The first watermelon of the season

Blueberry Lemon Basil Hand PiesĀ 

Kale & red pepper omelets

Sesame honey chicken

My first taste of duck!


This blurry picture does not do it justice. I went out to dinner Wednesday night, and saw this as one of the specials of the night.

Spinach salad with pan seared duck, goat cheese, candied pecans, and a citrusĀ vinaigrette.Ā 

Maybe the goat cheese had some persuasion power, but I decided to give duck a try and loved it!

Five Workouts:

Runner’s World Essential Yoga

HIIT Tabata

Upper Body Supersets

Loads of walking

and more walking.

I just started getting back into my fitness routine since I moved, which feels oh so good. And when all else fails, I try to walk to work when I can, which ends up being a good 25 minutes each way. Gettin’ those steps in!



Five Things I’m Grateful For

My family — I’m so blessed to have so much love, support, and free stuff that I don’t have to buy for my apartment. It’s made the transition all the more easier and harder at the same time.

My job — Who else can say they draw fruit and veggie rainbows and get paid for it?!



My apartment — Pretty much in the heat of downtown Portland. Being within walking distance of close to every and anything is both awesome and dangerous. Let’s see how many Americanos and hard ciders I can fit into one paycheck..

Independence — Being raised to be self sufficient, and independent is something I am grateful for everyday. It has helped me become fearless in the face of doing what I know my heart wants. And making it happen no matter what.

Coffee — Because…coffee. Sweet nectar of productivity.

coffee cup.jpg


Now hop on over to Clare’s bungalow to check out some more FTF fun, and to add your own!


Make it a great day!

What’s one thing your grateful for?

What’s one of your favorite foods of the moment?