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Putting the Sin in Nutrition.

Sinful Nutrition - Putting the Sin in Nutrition.

Easter Eats & Chicken Feet



Glory, Glory it is Friday! Is there really any better sound in the world? Don’t answer that, just embrace the Friday.


The only good thing about Thursdays is when they are spent with friends eating sizzling food and sipping wine. Okay, maybe the sound of flaming hot food coming out in a skillet is a close second to the best sound in the world.



…And the fact that I came home to a chicken on my porch. Because this is normal. Let me just fill you in I do not live on a farm, or frankly anywhere near one. This is my life.




Due to the fact that I am running off of wine fumes and I haven’t had Starburst jelly beans all month long, this post is sugary coated short. I am going to leave you with my favorite recipes that make for great additions to the Easter spread. And don’t worry..they aren’t ALL carrot related.



Quinoa Salad


Easter Eats

Hey look! The same blog title. Great minds think alike. A mix of quinoa, sweet potatoes, cranberries, and almonds. This salad makes a colorful and flavorful side or main dish.


Spinach & Feta Pie


Pie in the Sky.


The picture doesn’t do any justice. The salty feta and fluffy eggs make you forget the fact that you may have spinach in your teeth for the rest of the day.



Vegan Vegetable Lasagna




Instead of sacrificing a lamb for this year’s meal, try a block of tofu on for size. You won’t be disappointed or even tell you are eating a compressed square of soybeans. Isn’t your mouth watering now?!



Hummingbird Cupcakes



Originally a Mother’s day treat, these Hummingbird cupcakes scream Springtime. Loaded with crushed pineapple, banana, and walnuts, you can get your serving of fruit and dessert at the same time!

Carrot Cake Cheesecake


You’ll never guess the secret ingredient in this delicious dish. But it won’t even matter once you taste it. See I told you there wasn’t a lot of carrot action going on here. Just one EPIC recipe.

I hope you all have a great Easter weekend. Can’t wait to see all your delicious eats!

Make it a great day!

Do you own any chickens?

What’s your favorite dish at Easter?

Favorite jelly bean flavor? Black like my soul. But cherry is a close second.

WIAW: My Friends Are Fat


Hi my name is New England and I have weather-induced bi-polar disorder.




Although not pictured, Monday was pushing 80 and tomorrow is pushing snow. New England, let go of Winter. She’s no good for you anyways.

I’m back with a vengeance for WIAW, and felt inspired by Robyn’s take on it to provide a little nugget of nutrition while we’re at it. Because I can’t just take pictures of my food like a normal person..

Peas and Crayons

If you took a gander at today’s title you should first know that I am not calling any of my wonderful (human) friends fat. That is far from true and is just uncalled for anyways. I am here to tell you that fats are you’re friends.

“Fats are friends. AND food.”

-Emily Cooper


My usual breakfast of oats topped with pb and cinnamon, with “orange smiles” and breakfast tea. Orange smiles > Orange slices.

I always start my morning with a a balanced meal of carbs, some protein, and a good source of fat. Usually in the form of eggs or my favorite peanut buttah. You see fat keeps you full since it is more “energy dense” than protein or carbs. This keeps the tank full until lunch, besides the apple I had mid-morning.


Holy plate of green Batman! Yes, I had a side salad with my garden salad simply because it was Caesar salad and croutons are delicious. And a good dump of broccoli for good measure.

Fats are also important for absorbing nutrients like vitamins and minerals in your food. This is why if you eat a salad, you should top it with some fat like olive oil, a oil-based dressing, or some chopped nuts. This actually makes a salad healthier since your body is absorbing more of those vitamins in the process.

And a peach Chobani with un-pictured apple for my sweet teeth. Not tooth, teeth.


And then I had a nutritional epiphany. All my blood work came back normal, so my orange hue is not hepatitis or other liver-related issue (big shocker). I did however have a big DUH! *slap forehead here moment when it came to my beloved snack of all time. 2 carrots and a good deal of pb and chamomile tea for afternoon pick me up.


So you know that little factoid about fats helping absorb nutrients? This is mostly for your fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E, and K) and guess what carrots have?! Beta-carotene, aka a precursor to vitamin A. I think I created a deadly combo for storing all that beta carotene when combining carrots with peanut butter. Like duh, every Dietitian should know that! We all are forever learning folks. Except I still haven’t learned how to lay low on the orange. Celery is just so…how do I say it nicely…disgusting. I tried.

A balance of fats is also important for preventing disease and cancer. I’m sure you have heard of Omega 3′s and Omega-6. I won’t go into much but know that we are more deficient in Omega 3′s (fatty fish, walnuts, flax seeds, avocados) and eat way too much Omega 6 (vegetable oils, peanut butter, eggs). Adding more Omega 3′s to the diet helps balance out the ratio of fats in to the diet and thus help prevent heart disease, breast cancer, RA and countless other ailments. Not to mention shine your hair, soften your skin, and clear your complexion. Remind me why fats are bad again?


Dinner was a bed of kale topped with teriyaki salmon, spaghetti squash, and avocado hummus. AKA Emily’s kitchen sink salad.

And look! A pictured apple! I think I take this whole “apple a day” thing to the extreme a little…


And a pumpkin oat muffin topped with coconut oil (still trying to like this) and another cup of chamomile to sooth the soul while listening to the rain.


I’ll take the rain over snow any day. Rain on the roof rocks me to sleep, while snow on the roof makes me pray it won’t cave in.

So you see, fats are your friends. They don’t make you fat. It’s the type of fats you eat that make the difference. Natural sources like nuts, seeds, fish, avocados are beneficial to your health and may actually help you manage your weight. It’s those sugary nutrition-lacking foods like chips, candy, and deep fried twinkies that give fats a bad rep. You can pick your fats. And you can pick your friends. But you CAN’T pick your friends nose. What did I get that right?

Thanks Jenn for hosting! Make it a great day!

How do you feel about fats?

What’s one great thing you ate yesterday?

Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai


Have I got a treat for you today. I am renaming Marvelous Mondays to Treat Yo Real catchy I know. I have a knack for that kinda thing.


But first! Let’s recap the first weekend that actually felt like Spring. Gimme some more of dat! I think sunshine is more contagious than chicken pox at a daycare. Insta-good mood.



Apparently awkwardness is just as contagious. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible for me and this girl to take a normal picture. And I love it.

We seized Saturday by taking the first hike of the season. Someone caught wind of my hiking checklist and even split her Pb sammich with me. I have the best friends.


The hike up was far less Spring-like. I think we actually stepped into Narnia at one point. Ice & snow make trails a bad time.


It was all okay though because we got the best lunch. Sweet potato tater tots dipped in maple syrup changed my life. I may have a replacement for my carrots and pb. Too bad I’ll still be the shade of traffic cone in the process.


Reason #315 why I have the best friends: They wait to chow down after I have captured our meal on camera. I call this, the food blogger’s prayer. Amen.

Sunday is still no-runday for me until I got down to what is STILL wrong with my leg. My x-rays came back normal which is slightly disappointing. At least I would know why my shin is dying of death (hope you are reading this Betty Rocker). For now, I am enjoying cruising the town on the cycle. I think my quads would disagree.


And then I celebrated with probably the best meal ever. The only thing that would make it better is some sweet tots on the side. I’ll get there soon so no fear.


Pad thai. I really don’t think I have to say more, but I will just to up my word count. Pad thai is one of my all-time favorite meals. Sweet, salty, sour, and only bitter once I run out. Some argue it’s not as authentically Thai as other dishes. I argue that it’s simply delicious so you’re argument is poppycock.

And here’s a secret, you will not even know you are eating a bowl of pure veg. That spaghetti squash sure is a con artist. I approve. Now that I eat copious bowls of this Pad Thai, I can say I am actually doing myself a favor loading up on vegetables.



Recipe Adaptions:

Carnivorize: Replace tofu with cooked chicken or shrimp.
Veganize: Omit egg.
Deglutify: Replace soy sauce with tamari, or other gluten-free soy sauce.

I adapted this recipe to make this addicting quick & easy meal. Now a typical dish of Pad Thai has about 800 calories and maybe one serving of vegetables if you’re lucky and count the green onion in the mix. That means you could eat about 3 servings of this version while getting 6 servings of veggies in the process. While I probably could do that,  having a bloat baby and eating all of my spaghetti squash in one sitting aren’t things I’m a big fan of. Instead I’ll be making this all week long. I already can’t wait for dinner tomorrow.

Make it a great day!

Have you ever had Pad Thai?

What’s your favorite type of food? (Mexican, Italian, Indian, etc)