25 Strawberry Rhubarb Recipes (that aren’t pie) You Need To Make Immediately

What do you get when you cross a weekend with a holiday?

A double shot (hold the foam) dose of FRIYAY!

Bring on the lobstah rolls, ice cream cones, and steamers, because it is oh-ficcially summer time in Maine!

Portland Maine Ocean Lookout


…granted it will most likely be 50 degrees on Tuesday, but we don’t need those vibe killers, cuz it’s a three day weekend up in here!


Another sure sign of summer in my books is the next best combo since PB&J. Straw to the rhubarb.

Ever since my bakery job in high school, where I made it my personal vendetta to find the strawberry rhubarb square with the highest filling to crust ratio, I was hooked. It’s sweet, it’s tangy, and tastes like a bite of summer.

So I put together a list of awesome rhu-berry recipes to enjoy the bounty of the season right now…except I didn’t include pie. Been there, ate that. It’s time to explore 25 more wonders that this power couple is capable of.

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WIAW: Yogi Bear

Hiii frand.

It’s 80 degrees and the hot mammies are sayin’ aye papi.

Will Smith? Welcome to Miami? Anyone?

This summer-like weather got me all kinds of cray-cray today.

But it’s all good in the hood my friends, it’s Wednesday!

What I Ate Wednesday Logo


Let’s talk about food bay-bee.

I usually don’t eat breakfast until after my 8:00 nutrition class with the youngin’s, but I didn’t have coffee and I was ravenous at 7:30. So I ate.

Strawberry Overnight Oats in a Jar | @sinfulnutrition

A batch of my strawberry rhubarb overnight oats so I can finally get that jar of soaked oats out of my fridge before it grows feet, walks out the door, giving me the finger the whole way there. Smooches overnight oats, much love.

After witnessing kids dump a sanity-questioning amount of red pepper flakes on our homemade salsa, and a lack of coffee, I was ready for a mid-morn snack.

Granny Smith Apple

An apple plus a tablespoon of sun butter straight outta the jar. Ain’t no Emily got time for that spreading and dipping nonsense.


I guess my lunch was a bit too risque for the blog, since my phone decided to blur the crap out of it, instead of that nice overhead shot I was going for.

Salmon Pasta Bake


Some leftover salmon pasta bake from one of our cooking classes on a bed of steamed green beans. Eaten cold, because leftovers taste better that way.

Oh, and because I’M A WEIRDO. Ownin’ it.


After work, I completed day 3 of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge I’m trying out, since I turned my workouts 180 degrees, and am only focusing on low-intensity movement.

Yoga Mat Feet


Maybe it’s all in my head (but wasn’t isn’t really?) but I am feeling so much more motivated and happier without NEEDING to do a workout that I don’t really feel like doing. Enjoyable movement > killing yourself in the gym and hating it. Namaste, bitches.


….That was probably against some yogi rule of life or something. Namaste beautiful bitchin’ creatures. Yeah..that sounds much better.


Then I forward folded into a plate of yogi-approved food, because swan diving into a juicy burger and fries after ohmming out just feels all kinds of wrong.

Tofu Salad on Kale

I made a tuna-esque salad of tofu (that tasted nothing like tuna salad) on a bed of baby kale with extra hot sauce and dill pickle dressing. Because tuna salad without pickles is illegal…even if it’s actually tofu.

Followed by my one and only sweetheart.

Sweet Potato Heart

I love you too, peanut butter and cinnamon covered potato. I WILL accept this rose.


Make it a great day!


What kind of movement have you been loving lately?

Chicken, tuna (or tofu), or egg salad?